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Shawn Michael's is undertakers next opponent at WrestleMania 26.

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Next Year on March 28th.

It will most likely be Ted DiBiase jr. because Ted DiBiase sr. was the one who bought Undertaker into wrestling. I'm guessing that, if anybody, it will be HBK at Wrestlemania 26. No one is going to end the Undertaker's streak. NO ONE.

Yes, Shawn will win at wrestlemania 26.

yes undertaker will be at wm 26. He will face HBK at wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania 26 will take place at The University of Phoenix Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona.

There was no host, There was one at WrestleMania 27, The host for WrestleMania 27 was the rock.

If you ask me i think Wrestlemania 26 should be held a Wembley Stadium it would probably brake the Wrestlemania attendance record!!!!!!

Wrestlemania 26 was held at Glendale Arizona

John Cena won the WWE Championship from Batista at Wrestlemania 26.

chris Jericho defeated edge at wrestlemania 26

Wrestlemania 26 did 885,000 down from last year's Wrestlemania 25 which was 960,000.

WrestleMania XXVI ( 26 ) will be on March 28, 2010.It is going to be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium, in Glendale, Arizona.

john cena would win at wrestlemania 26 , and he would have his championship back.

Edge won the royal rumble and got to go to wrestlemania 26 he is either going to fight undertaker or sheamus also the winner of the two elimination chamber matches will be heading for wrestlemania 26

Shawn Michaels will face undertaker at wrestlemania XXVI

No I don't think that HBK will win wrestlemania 26 I think edge will LOL

Shawn Michaels will have a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26. If The Undertaker wins Shawn Michaels will leave WWE. If Shawn Michaels wins he will have broken The Undertakers WrestleMania winning streak.It is rumored that Shawn Michaels will lose the match. Shawn Michaels is going to take some time off to hang out with the family, but he will return eventually, don't worry HBK fans. I mean look at JBL, he retired 3 times, but still came back.i think wrestlemania 26

He might not even be going to wrestlemania if he loses the elmination chamber.

It will be on March 28th,2010

Yes, he's gonna get desperate and he'll come back....Finally the Great One has come back to... Wrestlemania 26

Shawn Micheal will not be at wrestlemania 27. It is because at Wrestlemania 26 Shawn Micheals lost to the UNDERTAKER.

At wrestlemania, Bret hart beat mr mcmahon, John Cena beat Batista and Shawn michaels had to retire because undertaker beat him and if Shawn lost(which he did) he would have to retire so now the undertakers streak is 19-0 because it's nearly 2012 so he beat Shawn at 26 to be 18-0 then at wrestlemania 27 he beat triple h to be 19-0.

Wrestlemania 26 was March 28th 2010 in Glendale AZ

WrestleMania 19 he just rap he doesn't had a match , WrestleMania 20 vs Big Show .WrestleMania 21 vs JBL (he won his first WWE tittle ) WrestleMania 22 vs Triple H , WrestleMania 23 vs Shawn Michaels , WrestleMania 24 vs Randy Orton vs Triple H WrestleMania 25 vs Edge vs Big Show , WrestleMania 26 vs Batista , WrestleMania 27 vs Miz , WrestleMania 28 vs Rock ....And he will have more probably next WrestleMania will be agains Undertaker and Undertaker will lost

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