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to buy from the team directly is $6,000

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Q: What is value of autographed game worn John Tavares jersey?
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What is value of three autographed John Elway jerseys?

If you have authentication, I would guess a minimum of $400 and maybe as high as $800 per jersey.

What is John Tavares's birthday?

John Tavares was born on September 20, 1990.

When was John Tavares born?

John Tavares was born on September 20, 1990.

How tall is John Tavares?

NHL player John Tavares is 6'-01''.

What is the value of a John Elway autographed football?


How much is a john elway jersey worth?

You can buy a John Elway throwback jersey for $125 or so. If you have an autographed John Elway jersey, it could be worth several hundred dollars. If you have authenticity of the autograph, it is probably worth between $400 and $800 depending on the jersey.

Where was john tavares born?

John Tavares the hockey player player was born in Mississauga, Ontario. John Tavares the lacrosse player was born in Toronto, Ontario.

When was John Tavares - lacrosse - born?

John Tavares - lacrosse - was born on 1968-09-04.

What NHL team does John Tavares play for?

John Tavares plays for the New York Islanders.

What position does John Tavares play?

John Tavares plays center for the New York Islanders.

How much does John Tavares weigh?

NHL player John Tavares weighs 199 pounds.

Does John Tavares shoot right or left?

NHL player John Tavares shoots left.

What is the value of a John Connally dollar bill autographed by john connally?

Nine dollars

What is the value of a T-shirt that has been autographed by John Kerry?

---- === === ----

How much is a autographed rookie John Stockton jersey worth?

500-1,000 possibly rare

What is John Tavares' nationality?

John Tavares is Polish and Portuguese. He is currently playing for the New York Islanders.

Where did John Tavares go to school?

John Tavares went to St.Luke's elementary school in Clearview,Oakville

When was John Tavares - ice hockey - born?

John Tavares - ice hockey - was born on 1990-09-20.

What is John Tavares's number on the New York Islanders?

John Tavares is number 91 on the New York Islanders.

How old is John Tavares?

NHL center John Tavares is 26 years old (birthdate: September 20, 1990).

Who is in john tavares' family?

Barbara tavares- 16 Laura tavares- 17 mom and dad: barb and joe

How much is an autographed baseball hat by John Smoltz worth?

John Smoltz autographed baseball hat can sell for hundreds of dollars at auction. The value of memorabilia is determined by what a person is willing to pay to own it.

What is the value of a baseball autographed by Tommy John Catfish Hunter and Enos Slaughter?


What is the value of Denver Broncos john elway autographed football worth?

between 4,000 and 5,000

Where was hockey player John Tavares born?

The ice hockey player John Tavares was born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He currently plays on the team New York Islanders and plays on Team Canada.