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What kind of equipment do you use for basketball?


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All you need for basketball is two teams of eight people and two basketball hoops and a basketball The cloths to use in any game like some shorts and a tanktop


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A basketball hoop and a basketball. You also use equipment for your teeth to. Along with other equipment.

The proper way to use basketball equipment is using it to play basketball.

A wheelchair, basketball, and basketball hoop

Basketball, basketball hoop, and a court.

Very simple... a basketball and a basketball court! In addition: a basketball hoop!

how much does basketball equipment cost?

Basketball requires a facility that has a basketball court including two basketball hoops. Required equipment includes a basketball and athletic shoes.

The first equipment used in basketball was a ball. This when combined with some sort of net brought about basketball.

There are many basketball equipment manufacturers.Spalding, Baden, Rawlings, Wilson, etc.

The equipment the Olympics people used was a snow boarding, cheerleaders swimming astronomers use telescope

To play the basketball game you need: Basketball, Basketball Ring with net and Basketball Board.

Jersey, shorts, socks, and basketball shoes.

In basketball all you need is some basketball shorts some basketball shoes and a basketball hoop and ball.

Some equipment of Basketball are expensive like basketball board. But other are available at very reasonable cost like basketball, net, ring and many more.

you need a Jersey silky shorts and basketball sneaker

Basketball is typically played on a basketball court. You will also need a basketball and a few other players to play with.

scientist use thermometers to check volcanoes. : -)

The facility is a court that has two basketball hoops on either side. The court is about 11' x 6'. There are lots of equipment needed. There is the most major equipment of all: one basketball. You need two teams (numbers vary) to play against each other with distinctive physical differences. You could use someone to serve as a referee as well.

The kind of shoes you should wear for basketball are basketball shoes.

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