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Statistically speaking you would have to research that. Karate has been the traditional western word for Martial Arts in general. Second to that would be Kung-Fu. Mostly both are used as slang for martial arts in general but they are actual styles. This generalization has led to the widespread knowledge and interest in their knowledge as well as many Hollywood movies portraying their use. The three top in America would be Karate, Taekwondo, and Judo or Jui-Jitsu.

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Q: What martial art is the most famous?
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Which is most effective martial art?

The art of deception

How would you put martial in a sentence?

Karate is a famous martial art; the mayor declared martial law after rioting broke out.

Was pankration the first martial art?

No; most martial arts historians are in agreement, that it is wrestling which holds that honor. No, actually, the first real martial art is believed to be an inian martial art known as Kalarippayattu.

What is seikuuken?

The Seikuuken is a martial art movement that appears on the anime show "The Mightiest Disciple", however this movement itself looks really similar with the "360 Defense" movement. The 360 Defense is a technique that comes from the martial art Krav Maga. The Martial art by itself is a deadly Martial Art, and it is from Slovakia. However, the Martial art is more famous in Israel.

What is the most famous sport in ancient china?

well in nowdays Chinese tend to be good in all sport but ages ago the sport they were most known for were martial arts and the martial art they are known for is kungfu.

What is the most recently established martial art?

The most recent "established" martial art would have to be mixed martial arts or MMA. Unfortunately there is some debate to whether or not this an original martial art because it's just an amalgamation of several techniques from other martial arts. It combines everything from Judo to Greco-Roman Wrestling.

What was Fu Hao famous for during her life?

famous for srenth martial art skills and military straegies

Is karate martial arts?

Yes. It is probably the most practiced Martial Art in one form or another.

What is the world's most popular martial art?

tae kwon doA+

What is the worlds most popular martial art?

tae kwon do

What is the most common known and deadly martial art?


What is the difference between karate and martial arts?

Karate is a martial art. It is all under one catagory, Judo is a martial art, Tae Kwon Do is a martial art

What is the Brazilian martial art based on dance?

Capoeira is the martial art.

What originated in China?

The martial art of kung-fu originated from China then became famous in the US.

Japanese word that means empty hand?

That would be KARATE, the name of a famous martial art.

What did Bruce Lee practice?

Bruce Lee was famous for practicing the martial art of Kung Fu

What's in China?

The martial art of kung-fu originated from China then became famous in the US.

Famous sports in japan?

Sumo wrestling (also considered a martial art), martial arts = karate, judo, kendo, kyudo, and aikido, soccer, baseball, and basketball. Baseball is known to be the most popular sport there at the minute.

Is judo a martial art?

Yes, Judo is a martial art that was based on JuJitsu.

What is lock flow and what style Martial Art is it?

Its not a martial art its a training drill.

What is the best place to learn martial art in VA?

It is Majest Martial Art.

What is the most famous art in America?

Truck art is famous in america.

What is the most famous piece of medieval art?

The most famous medieval art work is the monalisa

What is martial art bourne?

If you're asking where martial arts was born ... Then most believe it was born in China , and that , " Kung Fu" was the first martial arts form.

What are the martial arts that have weapons?

ken-do in a form of martial art that uses primarily swords, although most martial arts use weapons at some level.