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The inside of a Basketball is made of rubber, and the outside is made of leather or synthetic leather. Its physical properties are that it is hollow and spherical when inflated.

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What material is a basketball made from and what are its properties?

butyl rubber

Physical properties of shirt?

Some physical properties of a shirt would be the color, the roughness of the material it's made of, and how tough it is to tear.

What is true about a compound physical properties compare to those of the element it is made of?

The physical properties of a compound may be entirely different from the physical properties of the elements from which the compound is made.

What material is a basketball made of?


What is the material of a basketball?

its made out of leather

Are basketball made of one material?

Basketball is made with different materials that wont break for example a baketball hitting a backborad.

What has different properties than the elements from which they are made?

Compounds have different chemical and physical properties than the elements from which they are made.

What material are basketball clothes made from?

I'm not sure be sure to ask someone else but I know it is made from a synthetic material

What material are basketball nets made from?

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. The nets for basketball are typically made of heavyweight nylon or high density polymer fabric.

Basketball net material is made of what?

high dense polymer fabric

What do physical and chemical properties help us do?

physical properties are the physical apperance of the substance while chemical properties of the substance is all about the arrangement of the particles that make up the substance. physical properties help us to distiguish the substances from another by simply loking at the substance or an object. while chemical properties help us to explain how the substance is made and what it is made of. and these properties are not reversable once thet are seperated they can not go back together.

What does a basketball do?

The Basketball is made out of a material that allows he ball to bounce while keeping it light enough to carry and shoot.

Which would bounce higher a basketball or a volleyball?

A volleyball, because it is made of material that will bounce well and is lighter than a basketball.

Is bricks physical property or chemical property?

Bricks are not properties, they are objects made up of a variety of substances, each with its own set of physical and chemical properties.

What statement can be made when compairing the chemical and physical properties between a compound and the elements from which it is formed?

The chemical and physical properties of a compound are different than those of the elements from which it is formed.

What are 5 physical properties of deodorant?

The five physical properties of deodorant are smell, sweat, dryness, bacteria and environment. Deodorant was first made in the late 19th century.

Why did magnet was made?

magnet where not made they were discovered,900 years ago lodstone was discovered it contain special properties to attract other material such as magnetic material

What does 'properties' mean?

Properties- What it is made of or to what it consists of in relevance to what it pertains to. Example, the properties of a snow cone are a paper cup, crushed ice and flavoring. In science, it relates to specific rules. You have physical properties. You have chemical properties. Basically, it just means what it is made up of.

What is a physical matter from which something is made?

it is the condition of the matter that composed the chemical properties..

What are the physical properties of the inner core?

its a solid and made up of iron and nickel

What material is made of two or more elements that has the properties of a metal?

An alloy, such as bronze, or steel.

How are your senses important for identifying physical properties of matter?

because everything is made of matter.

Why would anyone believe there is a soul since it has no physical properties thus making it imaginary and made up?

The same way they'd believe in a "God", even though "God" has no physical properties.

What is the difference between synthetics and composites?

Composites means which is made of composition of two constituents where as synthetics is the combination of two or more parts, composites having constituents of different physical and chemical properties, where as in case of synthetics it can have same chemical or physical properties,in case of composites the ratio of material is maintained but it can not be in case of synthetics...e.g of synthetics is plastic, or composites is concrete

Why different solids have different physical properties?

Well, the base of the Solid object, and what it is made with, and all of the Physical appearances have to do with it. Everything is different.

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