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Biceps, triceps and abdominals

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What is forehand in tennis?

Forehand in tennis is a type of shot that you do with your right hand (if you are left handed you do forehand with your left hand).

What is the term used for Tennis swing on the strong side of the body?

A tennis swing on the strong side of the body is called a forehand.

What does forehand mean in tennis?

means - front side of the tennis field

What is the opposite of backhand?

The opposite is forehand (as in tennis).

What are the swings of tennis?

Do you mean like the backhand and forehand?

When would you use a forehand in tennis?

A forehand is used when the ball is on the same side as your dominant hand. ( For right-handed players, your right side. For left handed players, your left side) The forehand is usually the most powerful stroke in the game.

What kind of tennis player is Dementieva?

Elena Dementieva was a tennis player from Russia. She was known to play an offensive style of tennis, usually staying near the baseline. She used her forehand mostly.

What is the fastest recorded tennis forehand?

The fastest every recorded tennis forehand was by Gael Monfils, who cracked a 120 mph winner down the line at the 2007 Australian Open.

What is the way to swing a racket in tennis called?

The way to swing a racket in tennis is called a forehand.

What muscles of the legs are used in Tennis?

Pretty much all of the main muscles in the legs are used in tennis: the quadriceps, the hamstrings, the gluteus maximus, and the calves.

Strokes in tennis?

Forehand Backhand serve volley smash

What are the 2 shots in tennis?

Back-hand and forehand shot! :)

What muscles are used for playing tennis?

All muscles are used, especially arm, shoulder, neck and back muscles, as well as abdominal muscles, and leg muscles.

Why is Steffi Graf called Fraulein forehand?

Simply because Steffi Graf had the most powerful forehand in women's tennis at the time.

What are four basic shots in tennis?

Forehand, backhand, serve, and volleys.

Which player in table tennis has the simplest and best forehand technique?

ma long has the best forehand in general but maybe with underspin it is xu xin

Name all tennis shots?

Serve, Forehand,Backhand, (Forehand)volley, (Backhand) volley,smash, (Backhand) slice. Two handed Backhand, one handed Backhand. And i think there is a Backhanded smash i thought i heard my tennis coach say that. Oh and there is a difference between a top spin forehand and just like a swing forehand which is like back then hit ect. ;)

What muscles are used to swing tennis racket?

I've heard that you use your core muscles and legs.

What are the different strokes in table tennis?

Forehand,backhand,volley,and over hand

What is the stroke used to hit a ball on the racket side of a player in tennis?

That's called a forehand. On the opposite side, it's called a backhand.

What are the three tennis grips?

Actually, there are six types of tennis grips (for gripping the racquet with your hand), not three. (As for the actual grips you put on a tennis racquet, there are hundreds, and too many to name).The grips are as follows:Continental grip (used in serves and volleys)Eastern forehandSemi-western forehand (most common tennis grip)Western forehandEastern backhand gripDouble handed backhand gripThere are many variations of these six grips, but these are the main grips that variations are based off of. Many players develop variations of these grips to suit their needs.

What side do you sevre in a doubles match in a new tennis game?

In tennis you must always start on the forehand (right hand) side.

Which muscles are used during table tennis?

A LOT of muscles are used in table tennis (if played at a high level). Legs are in constant use for quick movements etc. The core muscles are important to provide power for shots and stability. Obviously the arm muscles are also in constant use!

What are the five musscels used playing table tennis?

Forearm muscles, biceps, deltoids, abdominal muscles, and obliques.

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