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What number did baseball player Nolan Ryan wear?

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When he played with the: * Mets #30 * Angels #30 * Astros #34 * Rangers #34

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Who is the most famous baseball player to wear the number 30?

nolan ryan

Which player had his number retired on 3 different teams for baseball?

Nolan Ryan

When and where was baseball player Nolan Ryan born?

Nolan Ryan was born January 31, 1947, in Refugio, TX, USA.

What is the value of a nolan Ryan fotoball 1999?

You ask a tough question. Since Nolan Ryan was a baseball player, not a football player, I doubt that he had a signed football . . .

Which Texas baseball player was inducted to the hall of fame?

Nolan Ryan

What player had the longest career in baseball history from 1966 to 1993?

Nolan Ryan

How much money did Nolan Ryan make in his career as a baseball player?


Who is the world's best baseball player?

Probably Babe Ruth for player and Nolan Ryan for pitcher

What is a Nolan Ryan Hologram?

A Nolan Ryan Hologram is a 100% authentic baseball card

What sport was Nolan Ryan associated with?

Nolan Ryan was associated with the sport of professional baseball.

Who was the first position player to be paid a million dollars in professional baseball?

Nolan Ryan

Who wore number 30 in baseball?

Orlando Cepeda, Nolan Ryan, and Tim Raines

Which Major League Baseball player has a biomedical engineering degree?

nolan ryan pete rose

What actors and actresses appeared in This Week in Baseball 1990 - 1990?

The cast of This Week in Baseball 1990 - 1990 includes: Mel Allen as Narrator Cecil Fielder as Baseball Player Cecil Fielder Nolan Ryan as Baseball Pitcher Nolan Ryan

What is a nolan ryan baseball card worth?

The value of a Nolan Ryan baseball card is dependent on several factors. These include the year of the card, the maker of the card, and its condition.

What is the price of a Nolan Ryan 22kt gold plated baseball card?

23.56 exactly. And just who is Nolan Ryan?

How long did nolan Ryan play baseball?

Nolan Ryan played for 27 years, a major league record.

What number did Nolan Ryan wear as an Angel?

Nolan Ryan wore uniform number 30 with the California Angels from 1972 - 1979.

Who did nolan Ryan strike out?

Baseball players.

Is a nolan ryan 1980 tops baseball card worth anything?

Yes. Nolan Ryan 1980 topps baseball card is worth 3.46.

Who is the hall of fame baseball pitcher with the last name Ryan?

Nolan Ryan?

Where does nolan Ryan work now?

For the 2010 season, Nolan Ryan is the president of the Texas Rangers American League baseball team.

Who is the no-hitter king of baseball?

Nolan Ryan

What did nolan ryan do?

he helped roberto alomar with his baseball

What player has the most seasons in Major League Baseball history?

Nolan Ryan, 27 seasons (1966 - 1993)