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Who makes machtig mitre saws?

I'm not sure but you can bet that it's made in China. Most likely the sort of equipment that is fine for the average diy projects but certainly not trade quality.

How do you pronounce mitre?

A mitre is a headdress worn by bishops on formal occasions. The word is pronounced MY-ter, to rhyme with fighter.

What does the pope's mitre symbolise?

It symbolizes that the pope is prophet, priest and king. As king it symbolizes a crown, for the pope is a temporal ruler, having both lands and subjects as well as dictating political concerns relative to his position and involvement. As priest it is a headdress symbolizing his authority to teach as ( Full Answer )

What does the bishops mitre mean?

A bishop's mitre is the head-dress worn by a bishop as a symbol of office . Different religions have different shaped mitres. In the Eastern church they often look like turbans, in the Western church they are often tall and deeply cleft.

What is a glove?

a glove is something u put on ur hand in order to protect it from germs. or, in other terms, it can also mean condumn

What is a mitre saw?

A miter saw is a saw hinged to a baseplate so it comes down to operate. It can be angled in either direction horizontally and it can 'lean' or be angled vertically.

What kind of animal is a mitre?

No-one knows I have been researching this question for hours on end and have found nothing! Sorry Folks Canada

What is the origin of the bishop's mitre?

In around the year 300, the Roman Catholic church was trying to get pagans to join the Catholic Church and become Catholics. One thing they did to try to make this happen was that they took some pagan traditions and tried to "Christianize" them by making them a part of the Roman Catholic religion an ( Full Answer )

How do you cut outside mitres on gutters?

I don't. When I used to install gutter years ago they came preformed and you just pop riveted the long straight sections to the corner piece. I imagine they do it that way now.

What are the roman Numerals on the Pope's mitre?

VICARIUS FILII DEI THE LITERAL MEANING:VICARIUS - substituting for, or in place ofFILII - means sonDEI - means God . V =5 F =no value D =500 I =1 I =1 E =no value C =100 L =50 I =1 A =no value I =1-------- R =no value I =1501 I =1-------- U/V =553 S =no value-------- 112 + 53 + 501 = 666 112 .

How do you convert kilograms into mitres?

I presume you mean 'metres', not 'mitres'. Such a conversion cannot be done, since metres measure distance, but kilograms measure weight (mass).

What is a sliding compound mitre saw?

A siding compound mitre saw is one that goes up an down on a hinge at the rear and angles sideways just like a regular mitre saw , but as well as all this, the motor and blade can slide forwards on a bar (or 2 bars) to allow wider cuts.

Why would someones post be hidden on your page on Facebook?

One reason would be that the person has placed you on their limited profile. This means you can only see part of their posts and profile. Another reason would be that you have blocked the person's posts so that they do not appear on your feed.

How many pages in among the hidden?

there is 153 paqes in amonq he hidden ! Im doinq a book report on it so im not liyinq to you ! your welcome ! -Diiana...x3

What are mitre joints used for?

Mitre Joints are joints made by bevelling each of two parts. at Two 45 degree angles to form a corner. Usually at a 90 degree angle. :)

How many mitres in a millimeter?

There are 1,000mm in a metre. This means that 1mm is a thousadnthof a metre, which can be written numerically as 0.001m

Where is the glove in I Spy Christmas pages 32 and 33?

The Glove is very dark and forms part of the hill on the far right hand side of the picture (Page 33). Two fingers of the glove are discernible above the little house with smoke coming out of the chimney. With the wrist band further to the right. Note: Best viewed in natural light.

What does a mitre saw cut?

Usually wood either straight across the grain or at an angle. Metal can be cut with one with the right blade in it. PVC and other plastics can be cut with the same blade as wood.

What is the HTML code so something is hidden on the page?

This can be done with a simple CSS trick, such as this: Content There are many other ways to do this, such as setting the visibility property to false, putting a CSS rule down for all divs meeting certain conditions, etc. You are also not restricted to divs. Another handy tool is that you can hid ( Full Answer )

How many centimeters in 62 mitres?

62 metres equals 62 000 metric system works in 10s 100s or 1000s here is a rough overview 10 mm equals 1 centimetre 100 centimetre equals 1 metre also 1000 millimetres equals 1 metre 1000 metres equals a kilometre the metric system also works on volume as well 1 cubic metre equals 1000 l ( Full Answer )

300 cm is how many mitre?

3 metres metric system works in 10s 100s or 1000s here is a rough overview 10 mm equals 1 centimetre 100 centimetre equals 1 metre also 1000 millimetres equals 1 metre 1000 metres equals a kilometre the metric system also works on volume as well 1 cubic metre equals 1000 litres 10 cms cub ( Full Answer )

How many mitre in one cubic mitre?

Mitres and cubic metres are measuring different thngs. Metres measure length and cubic metres measure volume. But a box 1mx1mx1m = 1cubic m

How many feet in a mitre?

1 meter= 3.28 feet Direct Conversion Formula . 1 m . . 1 ft 0.3048 m . = . 3.280839895 ft.

Why does the priest wear a vestment mitre?

Normally, priests do not wear a mitre, only a bishop does. In the Eastern Catholic Churches there are mitred archpriests or chorbishops who are ordained priests that are entitled to wear a mitre.

What does mitre hat symbolize?

The mitre is the ceremonial hat worn by a bishop (including thepope) in Catholicism, the Anglican Church and a few other Christiansects.

Where are the hidden pages on Howrse?

The secret pages on Howrse change all the time. You can do a google search and find the most up to date information. Other users have said: . For the international version of Howrse: Secret page #1 is the same URL every day. Secret page #2 changes daily, you need to add the number of live horse ( Full Answer )

How do you remove hidden admin from your facebook page?

just put hidden admin by urself if youre scared from hacking. There is no way to remove Hidden Manager or Admin From Your Page. Just We're looking for good solution that how to remove hiddenmanager or admin. So if you have any big or small pages on yourfacebook account then just create new email a ( Full Answer )

What is a compound mitre saw?

A compound mitre saw can turn 45 degrees either side and also angle 45 degrees from the vertical. Both can be done at the same time making this saw very versatile.

How old is Bartolome Mitre?

Bartolome Mitre was born on June 26, 1821 and died on January 19, 1906. Bartolome Mitre would have been 84 years old at the time of death or 194 years old today.

How old is Mitr Chaibancha?

Mitr Chaibancha was born on January 28, 1934 and died on October 8, 1970. Mitr Chaibancha would have been 36 years old at the time of death or 81 years old today.

What is a mitre in The Bible?

Arguably, the term mitre or miter is not in Scripture but the development of men. The Jewish priests wore a turban like headdress known as the 'Mitznefet' which had a gold plate on it called the 'Tzitz' which was inscribed with the words 'Holiness of YHWH.' This term however, is often translated int ( Full Answer )

Why is mitre peak so named?

When viewed from the South it has an appearance like a Christian Bishop's Mitre or Headdress. Mitre Peak is in Fiordland, New Zealand.

How much is one mitre?

Do you mean METER, the S.I. unit of measure? About 3 feet 4 inches in old money. Otherwise i don't know the cost of a bishops hat.

Is a mitre saw easy to use?

Mitre saws are very easy to use and give you excellent control over angle cutting. I have 2 different, one very fine cutting 9 inch Elu and a 12inch DeWalt. I couldn't do without either.

What is the origin of the word 'mitre'?

The origin of the word mitre goes back to the old times in Greece. It was then a kind of hat which the people in Greece would wear. They called it the mitre.

Where can you purchase mitre saws?

Mitre saws may be purchased from Home Depot, Home Hardware, Rona, Canadian Tire and Lowe's. The mitre saws come in different brands such as DeWalt, Bosch and Hitachi.

What is the function of the Makita mitre saw?

It is a type of dropsaw which cuts wood at a precise angle. It is a powertool that sits on a bench and you align the wood with the lines on the saw and you drop the handle down to cut the wood.

How do you convert cubic mitre to square mitre?

This is not a valid conversion . Cubic units is a measure of volume while square units is a measure of area .Generally, volume is determined by multiplying length x width xdepth . Area is normally determined by multiplying length xwidth .

What is a mitre square?

It is a small square in the City of London in which Catherine Eddowes was murdered by Jack the Ripper in September 1888. Approx: 51 deg 30 min 50 sec N 0 deg 4 min 41 sec W

What is a mitre square use for?

A mitre square is used to construct items that have a precise right-angle. There's another gadget called a "mitre box", which allows you to saw boards at specific angles like 90 degrees or 45 degrees.