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About 1.19 percent of College Basketball players make it to the NBA

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Yes, you only need one year of college to be a basketball player. You have to play college basketball before, playing professionally. :)

basketball players don't have to play college. they can just make the jump from high school to the NBA

There are many factors that are considered in college basketball rankings. These include effective field goal percentage, turnovers per offensive play, offensive rebounding percentage, among others.

No you dont have to have played colledge basketball to play pro> you can come on as a free agent

1 player out of every 35 high school basketball players gets to play for a college team. This translates to around 3 percent. 1 out of every 75 college basketball players gets to play for a National Basketball Association team.

Technically, if you play basketball at any point you are a basketball player. Since you can play in a driveway or a local court, a college education is not required. If you meant professionally, the answer is no. Your ability to perform well in academia has nothing to do with your ability to play ball. Kobe Bryant is the best example I can think of for an NBA player that didn't go to college.

Hope Solo did play basketball and playing the sport in college was an idea she had along with being a field player in soccer

No in college basketball they play two 20 minute halves.

Lebron James did not play college basketball. he went from High School to the NBA.

You will need to get a college scolarship.

NO!!! to play basketball in college you must get accepted to the school which for all (non community colleges) requires a GED

Yes you can. You get 4 years of high school basketball and 4 years of college.

Yes, for a college in Minnesota

Play high school basketball. Be really good at it.

no, if a person has not gone to college and has not played basketball for money, they are aloud to play.

LeBron James is a professional basketball player. He never played college football, nor did he even attend college.

He was the 6th or 7th man on a championship high school team in a state not noted for its quality of high school basketball. He did not play college basketball.

Nope, That was a different Bill Bellamy. I hear he was absolutely an amazing Basketball player, All-american!

100% of youth play bastardball

Getting into a college to play basketball is much easier than getting into the NBA. About one person from every 2 high schools will get an opportunity to play for a college.