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What percentage of people are killed because of gangs?

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Approximately 1 million members are associated with gangs. Around 20, 000 violent gangs are in the US. On an average, 30,000 people die each year of gang violence in the US.

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27% of american's get killed by gang violence

Some people have the gangs blessing to leave the gang, others get killed if they try to leave the gang.

Cause they dont want to get killed.

knoe people join gangs because they want to be cool

the gangs killed,robbed and rumbles

Some people form gangs because they were hurt or made fun of themselves.

because people like homosexualality

Yes Gangs are pretty bad Not so good because they kill people and stuff like that..

How many people die each year because of gang drive-bys? How many teens are killed each year because of gangs? By: mariah Henessey

people in gangs usually have them. each member of the gang has the same number of slashes. some people think it looks cool in some gangs each slash can represent a person they have killed (rarely)

Because they think they all cool and then good for there life.

i think gangs should be illega because the are group of bad people like rob the baanks and stealing and being aggresive

It is the amount of scores he did and the people he killed. It would pretty much make him untouchable with people who know their stuff like gangs or inmates.

People join gangs to have a feeling of being part of a "family". Often in the worlds of gang violence its join a side or be killed. some people join for the money that can be made by "pimping" or selling drugs. The gangs offer protection for them while selling drugs. If rival gangs try to move in on territory to sell their drugs, it often turns into killing of the rival gangs.

because it has like gangs and stuff and it is kinda ghetto.

Family members get killed by gangs for different reasons. Rival gang members may decide to get revenge by killing people the gang member is related to. They may go looking for the gang member, find out where they live, and end up shooting gang members relatives by accident. There was a few cases where people in the gang killed 2 rivals brothers and a rivals cousin. There was also an incident where the gang went looking for a rival and shot a kid during a drive by. People in other gangs might want to kill people related to gang members who out them for a crime.

there are about a thousand people who dei from gangs

Yes, Caucasian people can join street gangs.

People join gangs for a number of reasons, there's no specific reason as to why people join gangs. Some join because they're looking to fit in, or have some sort of belonging, or maybe they join because their family and friends are in the gang.

People join street gangs for a number of reasons. Some might join a gang because their family and or friends were or are still in the gang. Some might join because they wanna fit in, they wanna make friends maybe because they don't already have any, some might not have a family at all, and are just looking for a sense of belonging. There's people who get picked on and bullied, so they join a gang for protection, there's people who join a gang to make money so they can buy the things they can't already afford. Some people get peer pressured into joining gangs, some people join gangs because their boyfriend or girlfriend is in the gang, & some people join gangs just because they're curious as to how the gang life really is, there's a series of reasons as to why someone would wanna join a gang.

Rap songs do not "get people killed" what they do is entertain millions, annoy other millions, and then encourage unstable/violent people to live the gangsta lifestyle (a.k.a join gangs and kill people) with their overly violent, sexual, and drug-laden lyrics.

That is a pretty racist Question if you ask me.

about 1 million people a year die from gangs Not in the US , but in the thousands.

About 12.7 million people join gangs each year

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