What percentage of the federal budget is spent on the military?

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As shown below, the % the US budget spent on the US military can depends on whether one includes the "hidden expenses" such as the Department of Energy, NSA, CIA, war debt, Veteran's benefits (which deceptively are not included in the official military budget), and other expenses. It also depends on whether one includes Social Security as part of the overall budget. Some say it is not a correct element of the overall Federal budget since individuals pay in to as a fund. (If one cannot afford to pay into the social security "Trust Fund", one does not receive the benefit upon retirement, unlike the retirement benefits in most other developed nations who pay retirement pensions as a right to all citizens, whether one pays into a "fund" or not.)

Another way to get useful related information is to compare how much $ has been spent on the US military/war with the amount of US revenue that has been received. Although it only provides a snap-shot of spending vs revenue year-to-date, it be very accurate when viewed at the end of the fiscal year.

Currently, as of Aug 2012, about 28.3% of US revenue has been spent on the US military/war this year according to official reports. However when not including the "hidden" expenses and mandatory spending such as the separate "tax" of social security, it is much larger .

Most anti-war groups such as the War Resister's League and the liberal journal, the Nation Magazine point to hidden spending not included in official statistics that include veteran's benefits, the war portion of the Department of Energy (of which approximately 90% of it funds have gone to nuclear weapons), and the undisclosed funds for departments including the CIA, NSA and the increasing myriad of other similar "national security" departments. They say that the government's view of the budget is a distortion of how our income tax dollars are spent because it includes Trust Funds (e.g., Social Security), and the expenses of past military spending are not distinguished from nonmilitary spending. The 2009 U.S. military budget is almost as much as the rest of the world's defense spending combined.
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Who approves the federal budget?

The senate approves federal budgets. The House doesn't have this power, only the senate. Hope it helps!

What is the federal budget?

The federal budget is a detailed plan of the government's expected income and expenses for the coming fiscal year (the fiscal year runs from October 1 through September 30).

How are state budgets different from federal budgets?

State budgets are, by nature, smaller than the Federal budget andare much more specific in their outlay. Federal budget are huge andhave a proportionate amount of paperwork associated in providingfor the good of the nation.

What percentage of federal budget is spent on the environment?

Every year, money from the federal budget is allocated for spendingon the environment. For instance, in 2013, the government spent 2.2billion dollars on the environment, which amounts to 6 percent ofthe federal budget.

What is the US federal budget deficit?

A budget deficit occurs when an entity (often a government ) spends more money than it takes in. The opposite of a budget deficit is a budget surplus . Debt is essentially an accumulated flow of deficits. In other words, a deficit is a flow and debt is a stock .

What percentage of the U.S. federal budget is spent on entitlements?

It depends on how you look at it. A lot of spending gets moved around so it can be hard to track, for example some military spending isn't strictly allocated to the department of defense but it works its way there through other programs. Looking at the 2012. for entitlement spending there is mandato ( Full Answer )

Who approves budget for federal bureaucracy?

The Budget and Accounting Act of 1921 requires the President of theUnited States, to submit a budget for federal bureaucracy toCongress. Congress votes and approves the budget.

Writes the final federal budget?

The House and Senate Appropriations Committees, as well as twelveother subcommittees, write the final federal budget. The Presidentis the one that signs the budget or vetoes it.

What percentage of income is spent on insurance?

Depends on income level and amount of insurance premium.. Which depends on various factors such as the age of the applicant, sex, job role, smoker status and past medical history and the amount of liquid assets the individual holds.. If you are looking for an answer based on statistics then an ins ( Full Answer )

What is the military budget?

Military expenditures for the World for 2007 were estimated at 1.2 trillion dollars and the United States was number 1 in 2008 with military expenditures of over 580 billion dollars.

How is the federal budget determined?

The federal budget is determined after all the agencies submittheir requests to the Congress. At that point the Congress submitsthe budget as a bill and attempts to pass it.

What is the largest expenditure in the federal budget?

In the 2013 US federal budget 803 billion dollars were spent onsocial security. This makes social security sector the onereceiving maximum expenditure which is 23 percent of total federalspending.

What percentage of a person's life is spent working?

If someone works 40 hours a week from the time they are 21 until they are 55 and live the average of of 75 years then they will have spent about 10% of their life working, or nearly 8 years. However this is no longer a typical person's worklife. Many people begin working before they are 21 and/or ( Full Answer )

Which branch prepares the federal budget?

The Executive Branch of government prepares the federal budget.This is then reviewed by the Legislative Branch. An appropriationsbill is then submitted back to the President to be signed into lawor to be vetoed.

What does federal budget mean?

it is when the government purchases land or an object that will be used by them privately or shared with the public. For example when the government invests in a new monumental building.

How much is spent on military in the US?

The annual milatry budget for the United States is 527 Trilliion dollars, (approximately equal to the military spending of all the other countries in the world combined)

What percentage of the federal budget is spent on salaries for federal employees?

Not sure in more details or more recently, but according to Kettl's Politics of Administrative Process: In 2005, "the total personnel cost (including both wages and fringe benefits) budgeted for the for the civilian workers in the federal executive branch was just 7 percent. Adding those who work ( Full Answer )

What do democrats believe about the federal budget?

Belief is a difficult attitude to evaluate. When it comes to the federal budget Democrats probably believe as much as Republicans or independents. A budget is a political document. It reflects the goals and aspirations of the people who develop that document. Those people, whether Democrats or Rep ( Full Answer )

What is federal budget of Russian federation?

Russia signed a 3 year federal budget back in 2008. The Russians project that they will have 11.73 trillion rubles ($427 billion) for 2010, and spend 10.32 trillion rubles ($375.7 billion) in 2010 (18.8% of GDP. This answer does not account for a projected inflation of 7 percent for 2010.

What percentage of the US federal budget is spent on foreign aid?

According to the last budget a tiny amount of the total US budget is spent on foreign aid. About 0.1 or 0.2% is the figure. In 2009 the total foreign aid was around $48 billion. President G.W. Bush submitted to Congress a total budget request of $3.1 trillion.

What are the steps for the federal budget process?

the President's annual budget request, which kicks off the budget process; . the congressional budget resolution - how it is developed and what it contains; . how the terms of the budget resolution are enforced in the House and Senate; and . budget "reconciliation," a special procedure used in so ( Full Answer )

How does the federal budget process begin?

The federal budget process begins with a series of proposals thatmust be passed or vetoed by congress before going on to the nextround. The federal budget is limited by budget contraints.

How is the budget of the federal government created?

1. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) prepares a budget proposal. 2. The president submits a budget proposal to Congress. 3. Congress decides on the overall level of spending and taxation and passes specific spending bills. 4. Thepresident signs the spending bills into law.

Outline the preparation of the federal budget?

The timeline for the federal budget is: Early fall Agencies send initial budget requests to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). November OMB reviews, modifies, and sends back to agencies. December Agencies make final appeals to OMB. January OMB resolves appeals and assembles the fin ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate percentage of budget spent?

1: Divide the amount spent by the amount budget: for example: 100$ spent / 200$ budgeted = .5 2: .5 is a decimal value. To convert a decimal value to apercentage you must multiple it by 100 and put a "%" or "percent"after it as follows: .5 * 100 = 50% or 50 percent

Why are people in the US so concerned about farm subsidies when they account for such a small percentage of the total federal budget?

Even a small percentage of the total US federal budget can still be a fairly large sum of money, and subsidies amount to paying people to literally refrain from doing something productive. There are reasons that doing this could be beneficial overall, but it still bothers some people that the US i ( Full Answer )

What are the democratic view on federal budget?

In 2012, the Democratic party's view on the federal budget was thatAmerican families making less than $250,000 should be subject totax cuts. They also believed that tax loopholes should be closed.

What are democratic beliefs on federal budget?

The Republicans spend now and pay later. They borrow money to spend now. Democrats tax for money to spend now. It is called "pay as you go" by Democrats and "Tax and Spend" by Republicans who are "Borrow and Spend" players.

How federal budget cuts might affect the military businesses and cities?

Speaking about the United States, Federal budget cuts do affect the defense industry sector in as much as the Armed forces won't be allocating as many weapons contracts. Cities and States where defense industries are a large part of the economy might see cut backs in labor, or rearranging hiring pa ( Full Answer )

What is the Federal Budget-?

The Federal budget is the is proposed by the President and approvedby Congress. The Federal budget is the fiscal budget for the comingyear.

Who must approve federal budget?

According to the US Constitution, Congress has "the power of the purse". This means that Congress approves the budget submitted by the President. It's one of the checks and balances built into the Constitution to ensure that one branch doesn't hold too much power.

What is Mexico's military budget?

For FY2015-2016, the military budget of Mexico is around USD 7.65 billion, distributed among the air force, the army and the navy (Fuerza Aerea Mexicana, Ejercito Mexicano, Armada Mexicana).