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What period of time preceded the Middle Ages and what time period came after the Middle Ages?


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Before the middle ages was Anquity (Greeks and Romans) and after the middle ages was the Renissance

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The European Renaissance (and the Age of Discovery) came after the Middle Ages, aka the Dark Ages.

they came from the middle ages

The Early Middle Ages, or Medieval Times came after the Roman Empire. The immediate period after the fall of the Roman empire is called the Dark Ages.

The start of exploration ened the middle ages. New ideas, foods, and thinking came into Europe.

The period is called the Middle Ages (Dark Ages), which lasted about 800 to 1000 years until the Renaissance.

The Middle Ages came after the ancient period. They began with the fall of the Roman Empire of the West in 476 and ended with the fall of the Roman Empire of the East (Byzantine Empire) in 1453.

The Renaissance ( which means rebirth) after a 1000 years of "darkness".

The Renaissance came after the Middle Ages.

Medieval came from the Latin, medium (middle) and aevum (age) and refers to the period known as the Middle Ages. Something from the middle ages is medieval. The medieval period in Europe lasted roughly from the 5th to 16th centuries A.D.

The Middle Ages, or medieval period, was from 476 to 1453, and came first. The Renaissance began about 1350 and continued until just after 1600, and came after the Middle Ages. The Industrial Revolution took place in the 18th and 19th centuries, and was well after the Renaissance.

The Middle Ages in Europe are called that because they came in between?

The period that came before Impressionism is Realism which was preceded by Romanticism and Neoclassical before that.

The Renaissance came next after the Middle Ages.

The Renaissance time period came after the Dark Ages. ----- It seems most people who use the term Dark Ages are talking about the Early Middle Ages, which is a period from about 450 AD to 1000 AD. They call the following period the Middle Ages. Some people would have the Dark Ages coincide with the Age of Migration, from about 300 to 700, and this would mean it was followed by the second half of the Early Middle Ages, which began with a time called the Carolingian Renaissance. Other people would have the Dark Ages be equal to the entire Middle Ages, so it would be followed by the European Renaissance. I think most historians do not use the term Dark Ages.

The Renaissance came after the middle ages.

The Renaissance emerged when the Middle Ages came to a close in Italy. There were many new kinds of art, music, and literature that came out during the period.

The Middle Ages came before the Renaissance. Renaissance means rebirth which is how I remember! Hope I helped:)

battle of hastings William the Conqueror won then came a long period of boring middle ages

Roman. It was the ending of the Roman Empire that started the middle ages in 410 AD.

The Middle Ages came before the Renaissance. The name of what came after varies depending on what is important to the speaker. Many consider the following period to be the Age of Discovery, the Age of Sail, or the Protestant Reformation. Others more generally call it the Early Modern period.

after that came the viking age

because they were too easy to get beaten down by cannons. the forts came after the middle ages when they were built

The Triassic Period(251-199Ma) (the 1st period of the Mesozoic Era) preceded the Jurassic Period (199 - 145Ma).

Middle ages. The Renaissance began with the age of exploration around 1400. Middle ages lasted a 1000 years from 410 AD to 1400.

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