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What position does Tracy Mcgrady play?


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he play as an SG (shooting guard).. if not, maybe PG but he can't be on forward and apparently on center..

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Tracy McGrady was born on May 24, 1979.

Tracy McGrady goes by T-Mac.

Tracy McGrady's birth name is Tracy Lamar McGrady Jr..

Tracy McGrady is a NBA player for the Houston Rockets. You can get more information about Tracy McGrady here:

On August 10, 2010, Tracy McGrady agreed to terms with the Detroit Pistons on a one-year, $1.35 million dollar contract.

t-mac plays for the rockets

Tracy McGrady was born in Bartow, Florida on May 24, 1979.

As of July 22, Tracy McGrady has worked out with the Los Angeles Clippers. The Bulls and Knicks, as well as the Heat, could be on the radar.

Tracy McGrady or T-Mac as he is known has not won a championship in the NBA.

Tracy McGrady is 38 years old (birthdate: May 24, 1979).

No Tracy McGrady currently plays for the New York Knicks

Tracy McGrady never went to college he went from high school to the NBA

Shaq (Shaquille O'Neil) dominates over the amazinging T-Mac (Tracy McGrady)

Tracy McGrady entered the NBA after graduating from Mount Zion Christian Academy High School

Tracy McGrady entered the NBA after graduating from Mount Zion Christian Academy High School. So Tracy did not go to college.

Tracy McGrady is better than Vince Carter but Jason Kidd is better than Tracy McGrady but Allen Iversion is better than Jason Kidd

Right Now it's Tracy McGrady the highest paid player in the NBA

Yes, Tracy McGrady does have an illegitimate child. However, there is no name associated with whom he has an illegitimate child with.

Tracy McGrady has three children; daughters Layla Clarice, Laycee Aloe, and son Laymen Lamar.

The Houston Rockets made it to the second round of the 2009 playoffs and were eliminated by the Los Angeles Lakers. Tracy Mcgrady did not play in the series and was out for the year with injury, but was still apart of the roster.

yes mcgrady is much much better

Right now there is no comparison, Deron Williams is a much better player. Deron averages about eighteen points and nine assists a game. While Tracy McGrady averages about a third of the amount in points and assists. However, to be fair Tracy McGrady in his prime was better than Deron Williams is now. Also they do play different positions which demand different things from each player. Going by position Deron has the advantage because the point guard is the hardest position to play on the basketball court. point guard in basketball = quarterback in football when it comes to leadership and calling plays.

Tracy McGrady was born on May 24, 1979.

Tracy McGrady didn't go to college, he went to Mount Zion Christian Academy High School (North Carolina).

Tracy McGrady would win without a doubt. He is one of the best players in the league when healthy.

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