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he is usually the tight end

but it depends on the team

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What is the football position Y?


What is the x receiver in football?

The 'X' receiver is a common short hand for the Split End as opposed to the Flanker who is the 'Y'. the X receiver lines up onn the left generally, usually the #2 receiver, the one on the right is generally the Z

Who are famous people who start with the letter y?

First or last name? Steve Young Andrea Yates Yancy Thigpen (NFL wide receiver)

What is the monthly salary of an NFL football player?

Hey my name is alonzo clark y do yall have so much gon on

How hard is it to get into the NFL?

No its not impossible... If ur good and play football go for it. Theyre are people in the NFL that were born in the slums and made it... y cant anybody... But if ur not good keep working at it and work out too....

What is a wide receiver in football?

The wide receiver is a pass catching specialist in football. There are the one of the quickest and most agile players in the game. They line up wide from the center (thats why there are called Wide receivers) There are 2 (sometimes 3) types of receivers in football, an X and a Z. Also if the tight-end lines up as a receiver he becomes a Y. The X is referred to as a split end, while the Z is the flanker, and of course the tight-end is the Y. The tight-end and split-end both line up on opposite sides on the line of scrimmage, while the Z is behind the line on the same side as the tight-end.

How many Football teams with y in name?

NFL football teams with Y in their name include: New York Giants, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco Forty-Niners, Green Bay Packers...

What is represented by the y intercept on a position time graph?

Initial position is got by the y-intercept

Famous person starting with letter y?

Y - First Name: · Y.A. Tittle (football) Y - Last Name: · Steve Young (football)

Can you hurt a receiver if you hook up 2 subwoofer amps to it via a Y connector. Receiver is rated at 135 watts per channel subs at 100 watts each?

Yes, you can y cord the inputs of amps but not the outputs.

Football players that begin with the letter y?

Football players with a name that begins with the letter Y:Yelberton Abraham ("Y.A.") TittleSteve Young

What football related words start with the letter Y?

Yards, yellow flag, yardage, and YAC are all football related words that start with "y".

What are the release dates for The NFL on CBS - 1956 N-Y- Jets at Miami Dolphins?

The NFL on CBS - 1956 N-Y- Jets at Miami Dolphins was released on: USA: 7 September 2008

What are the release dates for The NFL on CBS - 1956 Buffalo Bills at N-Y- Jets?

The NFL on CBS - 1956 Buffalo Bills at N-Y- Jets was released on: USA: 14 December 2008

What is position - time graph?

A position-time graph, is one in which position is plotted on the y-axis and the time is on the x-axis. A position-time graph is similar to a distance-time graph, but direction of motion in the y-axis.

Football players with first name starting with the letter 'Y'?

Yori mord

Why does a gps receivers need to receive signals from four different satellites from not just three?

Three gives you x,y position in 2 dimensions. The 4th gives you altitude allowing your receiver to tell you how much above sea level you are.

Football team beginning with y?

Yeovil town

English football teams beginning with y?


What football team begins with the letter y?


Is there a football team in the world beginning with Y?


What is the proper position for the temperature gauge needle on a 2000 Montero Sport Mine seems to run in the middle position and sometimes in traffic it will jump above the middle position?

Just fine! Y-THINK-Y

What are coordinates on just cause 2?

Coordinates are the "X" and "Y" on your map X means horizontal position and Y mean vertical position. (You can see them on left side of the screen)

College football teams that start with y?

Youngstown state

Football words that start with y?

yards, yard line

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