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in professional Netball, you have to have been a non-professional for a significant amount of time


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The role of a timekeeper in a netball game is very important . A timekeeper tells when the match is to stop and to give extra time .P.S : Follow me on tumblr

what skills do you need to become a professional netball player

no but there is a time keeper in high five netball which is played in primary schools!

So the quarter doesnt go longer than 15mins, and so that the extra time can be recorded properly

the officials are the captain- the coach- the timekeeper and the umpire

Yes instead of a referee as in football it is called an umpire and a timekeeper plus scorer.

You do not need any qualifications to play netball. A good level of fitness, team working skills, a knowledge of the game and rules and a team to join. Depending what level of netball you want to play at, extra trainings and passion for the game would help also.

Netball is a non-contact sport similar to basketball. It is usually known as a women's sport.

To play netball you need a netball court, netball nets a netball and also a set of bibs.

To keep track of the time during a game. Also to make sure the quarters or halves are equally timed.

two netball posts netball pitch one netball two umpires

To play netball you need a netball court, netball, shoes and a drink bottle. that's all you need :) XD You also might think about wearing clothes, too.

If you want to play a game of netball you'll need:a netball7 players per teaman umpireposition bibs

you need to have at least 3 qualifications

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for netball you need 14 players and 1 referee and 2 umpires and 1 goalscorer you need a ball a netball court. that's basically it! You also need a whistle

The salary of a timekeeper will vary depending on where they work. The average timekeeper salary is $38,080 per year.

you don't need any Qualifications to work in a bakery but u need Qualifications to stary a bakery

yes when you are 50 you will need to quit netball or you can be a coach

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The cast of The Timekeeper - 2013 includes: Johnny Votta as The Timekeeper, Johnny Votta

a male timekeeper = shofet hazman (שׁוֹפֵט הַזְמָן)a female timekeeper = shofetet hazman (שׁוֹפֶטֶת הַזְמָן)

Netball players dont have to be flexible, im a netball player im noway near flexible. :)

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