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A scalene triangle has no equal sides and one right angle. Other irregular polygons can also fit these criteria.

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what shape has 4 right angles and 2 pairs of equal sides?

A rhombus has four equal sides but no right angles.

A shape with 4 right angles and 4 equal sides is a square. ==========================

A square has 4 equal sides with 4 right angles.

A rhombus has 4 equal sides. Its angles can be right angles, but don't have to be. A square is a type of rhombus.

A rectangle has two sets of two equal sides and four right angles.

You don't tell us enough information. In a square, there are four sides and four angles. The sides are all equal and the angles are all right angles. In a rectangle, there are four sides and four angles The opposite sides are equal and the angles are all right angles. There is no other shape in which all angles are right angles.

A square has 4 right angles, and 2 pairs of equal, perpendicular sides.

A rhombus has 4 sides of equal length, opposing parallel sides, and no right angles

The shape you are looking for is a quadrilateral. If you have a square, all angles MUST be right angles. A parallelogram can also have 4 equal sides in length and parallel sides, but a parallelogram doesn't have right angles.

A square is a two-dimensional shape with four equal sides and four right angles.

Such a shape is called a rhombus.

This is a parallelogram called a rectangle. A square has four right angles and four sides that are equal in length.

A square has 4 right angles and 4 equal sides.Its relatives, the rhombus (has 4 equal sides, but not necessarily 4 right angles), the rectangle (4 right angles, but not necessarily 4 equal sides) are the closest as far as quadrilaterals are concerned.

A shape that has 2 pairs of equal sides and no right angles is a kite or a parallelogram. In a parallelogram, each side is equal to the one directly opposite; in a kite, the equal sides are adjacent to one another.

Any regular shaped polygon has equal angles and equal sides

With right angles it is a square.Without right angles it is a rhombus.

Any shape with more than 3 sides can have two pairs of equal sides and no right angles. If it only has 4 sides in total and isn't a parallelogram, then it's a trapezoid.

Hexagon...Don't get caught up in the number of right angles. What matters is the number of sides...It has 6 sides. A regular hexagon has equal sides and equal angles(120)

This is a parallelogram, opposite sides are of equal length and opposite angles are equal in size.

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