What skills are required to play basketball?

Everyone has a different skill set that they bring to basketball, so not everyone will have the same skill level. Some necessary skills are how to box out, how to shoot a free throw, the understanding of different offenses and defenses (you learn as time goes on), how to play good one on one defense, and how to be a team player. If you know those skills, you know how to be a good basketball player.

Here's the skill level per position:

Point Guard: Needs to be skillful in handling the ball. Can't commit many turnovers, and must be able to know where all teammates are at all times. Point guards usually are the leaders.

Shooting Guard: A shooting guard generally needs to be able to score very well. Most shooting guards should be able to hit mid range shots and handle the ball well.

Small Forward: Small forwards very tremendously, as this position has many types of players. You could be a LeBron James[yasssssssss!], a huge scoring small forward who is just too strong. You could also be a Francisco Garcia, a primarily shooting small forward.

Power Forward: Power forwards generally need to be able to rebound. Power forwards need to have some low post moves (hook shot especially) and need to be strong. Must box out and contend for every rebound.

Center: Centers need to be very tall. Centers are the big men who get the majority of the rebounds and block shots. Need to know how to set good screens.

Just practice! Get a book from the library about the fundamentals and go out and do it. Find a gym or park where others are playing and ask if you can join. If you play soccer, lacross, or any other strenouous sport you can do basketball.