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he has signed for grimsby town during the january transfer window

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What team does Fernando Torres play on?


What team did Fernando Torres play for?

Athletico Madrid

What new team does Fernando Torres play for?


What team did Torres play in 2005?

Athletico Madrid

What MLB team does Alex Torres play for?

Alex Torres plays for the San Diego Padres.

What MLB team does Carlos Torres play for?

Carlos Torres plays for the New York Mets.

What NHL team does Raffi Torres play for?

Raffi Torres plays for the San Jose Sharks.

What internatanal team does Fernando Torres play on?

He plays on the Spanish national team

What English team does Torres play for?

Barclay's premiship and Liverpool

What team does Fernando Torres play in?

Fernando Torres noe plays for Chelsea. He was sold by Liverpool for £50 million.

What team did Fernando Torres used to play for?

Fernando Torres played for the Spanish Club Athletico Madrid, before joining Liverpool.

What team did Fernando Torres play for before Madrid?

Torres began his career in madrid. He's never played for any club before.

How many teams did fernando Torres play in?

He only played for 3 + national team

For what team does the famous footballer Fernando Torres play for?

The famous footballer Fernando Torres plays at the present for Chelsea in Spain. For Chelsea he plays the position of a striker and is a very important player on the team.

Did Torres play in the emirates?

Torres did play at the Emirates for Liverpool.

What teams does Fernando play on?

Fernando Torres is a Spanish footballer who plays for teams Chelsea and the Spain national team.

Did Torres play Asia cup final 2007?

Fernando Torres did not play in the 2007 Asia cup.

What is Fernando Torres team in?


Who is nine on the Liverpool team?


What instrument did Tico Torres play?

Tico Torres played the drums

What is Fernando Torres' Nationality?

Fernando Torres is Spanish and is on the Spain National Team

Who does torres play for?


What team is Fernando Torres on?

Fernando Torres is playing for Liverpool in the E.P.L. and also plays for Spain.

Can Fernando Torres play guitar?


Is Fernando Torres a footballer?

Fernando Torres is a pro footballer for Chelsea FC And the Spanish national team

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