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What town was baseball invented?

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What town or city was the baseball bat invented?


What town in Connecticut was racquetball invented in?

Greenwich is the town in Connecticut where racquetball was invented.

What town in Italy was Lasagna invented?

Lasagna was invented in Britain.

How was the baseball bat invented?

how was the baseball bat originally invented

Who invented town criers and when?

i do not know who invented town criers, but i do know that they were supposed to tell people news and warn people

Which country invented checkers?

Checkers was invented in Ur a town in Iraq.

What canadian town was basketball invented in?

It was actually invented Springfield, Massachusetts.

What year were baseball cleats invented?

what year were baseball cleats invented???

What is the name of the person invented baseball?

Abner Doubleday invented baseball.

Who and were the baseball was invented?

Babe Ruth and Ricky Samuel invented baseball.

Why was the gamelan invented?

in cake town

What town was paper invented?

in bejing

Who invented baseball bats?

Vodka Fish invented the modern baseball bats.

What is the person's name that invented baseball?

Abner Doubleday invented baseball as a sport

When was baseball invented and by who?

alexander joy cartwright invented baseball in 1845

Where was the sled invented?

in a town it was invented in Toronto then after a few years in walmart it came

Who invented manure?

it was invented by a pirate in china town who fed it to his camel toe

What date was baseball invented?

Baseball as we know it today was not invented at any one time or by any one person. It evolved from he English game of rounders and the American game of town ball. Shane Foster, in 1845, was the first to WRITE DOWN many rules that are common today.

Was baseball invented in 1888?

no it was invented in 1744

Where was the fork invented?

Fork town usages

Which country invented baubles?

Bauble town

What town was enriched baby food invented?


What town was Spam invented?


Who invented the game Baseball?

Alexander Cartwright, a Manhattan bookseller. He invented baseball in about 1845.

Why is baseball invented?

While noone knows who, when or where baseball was invented, it is certain it was created for recreation.