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This is more than just trophies:

NHL Rookie of the Month - October 2006,[3][17] November 2006[17]

Calder Memorial Trophy (NHL Rookie of the Year) - 2007[17]

Michel Brière Rookie of the Year Award (Pittsburgh Penguins' Rookie of the Year) - 2007 (shared with Jordan Staal)

World Championships All-Star Team - 2007, 2010

NHL All-Star Game - 2008, 2009 (starter)

NHL First Star of the Month - February 2008[18]

NHL First All-Star Team - 2008, 2009

Hart Memorial Trophy runner-up - 2008, 2009

Pittsburgh Penguins' Most Valuable Player - 2008, 2009

Art Ross Trophy - 2008-09 NHL season

2009 Stanley Cup Champion [19]

2009 Playoff Scoring Leader

Conn Smythe Trophy - 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs[19]

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Evgeni Malkin was born on July 31, 1986.

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