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Joseph Stalin was the General Secretary for the Communist Party from 1922 until 1953. He was a part of the Great Turn or Stalin Revolution.

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Who ruled first Lenin or Stalin?

Lenin (1917-1924), but poor health prevented him from doing much after mid 1922. He was succeeded by three men ruling jointly - Stalin, Zinoviev and Kamenev. By 1927 Stalin had sidelined the other two and from 1928 he was the dictator of the Soviet Union.

How many complete revolutions are needed to draw the angle 725?

Two complete revolutions.

What are the release dates for Two Outlaws - 1928?

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What two revolutions shaped Europe?

Haha no(:

Who said there were two revolutions?

their is 3 battles no one said their was two

How many degrees are there in two revolutions?

720 degrees.

Who was Gregory Stalin?

Gregory and Stalin are two separate people. Joseph Stalin was the ruthless leader of Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union. Paul Gregory is a writer who wrote a book about Stalin.

Did Stalin have a son?

Yes. Stalin had two natural born sons and one adopted son.

Who did Stalin marry to?

Stalin had two wives. The first was Yekaterina Svanidze. The second was Nadezhda Alliluyeva.

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What are two major political revolutions in the 20th century?

There have been many revolutions during the 20th Century. Two include the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

Is Josef Stalin Italian?

No! hes Russian. Stalin is actually not Russian. He is ethnically a Georgian. The two are not the same.

Name two important individuals from the industrial revolutions?

IT and Engineering.

What are two revolutions that occured in the 1700s and the 1600s?

science and demoracy

What do you call the angle measere 720 degree?

Two revolutions

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Which two motions does earth make in space?

The two motions that Earth makes are rotations and revolutions.

Who are the two great dictators of the world?

Stalin and Hitler

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What are two things that causes change in the lithosphere?

The Earth's rotation and revolutions.

What causes a year a Lunar month and a day?

Two revolutions and a rotation.

How was the French revolution of 1848 really two revolutions?

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What are the two revolutions of 18th century?

The American Revolution and the French Revolution.