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THE TYPES OF medications given by sports physicians range from antibiotics, to over-the-counter pain meds like NSAIDS (ibufrofen, aspirin etc) to prescription pain killers like Percocet, Vicodin, Demerol (narcotics) to muscle relaxers (Soma, Valiun) to prescription NSAIDS. I hope this is what you meant.

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What is sports medicine?

Health advice and treatment given to professional or training sports people.

What is the best pain medicine for broken bones?

There are many pain medicines that are given after a person brakes a bone. After surgery, a person will usually be given a prescription to Vicodin or another strong pain medicine.

What medicine did the medieval use?

There really wasn't anything for medicines back then. Either you were given herbs or bled to death.

Is there medicine made from Giant Panda parts?

No, medicine is not made from parts of a giant panda. Medicines are usually made from bacteria or viruses that are given to a person to help the immune system.

Do monkeys have medicines?

There are medicines that can be given to monkies, but the monkies do not have medicines themselves.

Why should antibiotics medicines not be given until and unless prescribed by the doctors?

if you take a medicine when not needed it can harm you and that is why you have to ask the doctor or physician.

What schools do you go to for sports medicine doctors down Atlanta?

Mercer University in Macon, GA is a great sports medicine school. It is a growing school so lots of scholarships are being awarded and given out.

What do you mean by indigenous system of medicine?

This sort of expression would usually refer to the use of medicines used by tribal people in a given area.

How are medicines tested?

Medicines are tested on animals before they are given to the public

What cold medicine can a horse have?

The type of cold medicine that a horse may receive would be totally up to the equine veterinarian that is overseeing the horse. Human grade cold medicines are not equine safe and should not be given,

Where to find Swine Flu medicines?

There are no curative medicines but there are preventive and symptomatic medicines. Tamiflu is one that helps some people if given within two days of the onset of symptoms. It is a prescription medicine you would get ordered by your doctor. For the currently available over the counter symptomatic medicines, ask the pharmacist at your drug store for recommendations for your specific symptoms.

What is intrevenous chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is treatment for cancer. Intravenous means the medicine is given though an IV, or a needle inserted in a vein, usually in the arm or hand. The medicine can be given quickly or may need several hours to "drip" though the IV. There are hundreds of different types of chemotherapy medicines.

What do you have to learn in sports medicine?

What do you have to learn in sports medicine?Sports medicine physicians are trained to be able to cover a variety of different injuries, illnesses, and diseases. Sports medicine physician are divided into non surgical or surgical sports medicine physicians. As a surgical sports medicine physician you are required to be trained in orthopedic surgeries and require a completion of an orthopedic surgeon residency program after 4 years of medical school. Which requires an in-depth knowledge of human functional anatomy, along with the mechanism of action that causes the various injuries. Non-surgical sports medicine physicians are typically family physicians or internal medicine physicians that continue on to do a 1-2 year fellowship in sports medicine. As a non-surgical sports medicine physician are required to stay up to date in their specific field of training. They are required to complete 4 years of medical school and then a residency program in family practice or internal medicine. During residency they work long hours learning how to diagnose and treat illness the most common illness to the most rare of diseases. When sports medicine physicians aren’t treating sports injuries, they are treating patients with asthma, hypertension, diabetes, and a handful of other common diseases. In summary a sports medicine physician is a well trained physician in his/her given field of expertise, that has additional 1-2 years of training where their time is spent learning how to diagnose and treat injuries that happen while being active, exercising, and playing sports. Reference: American Osteopathic Academy of Sports medicine “Sports Medicine FAQ”

Can allopathic doctors prescribe ayurvedic medicine?

yes ocourse they can prescribe. Supreme court of india has given a clear cut observation that if a has fully understood the benefits of a medicine and in his professional judgement feels that it will help a patient, he can prescribe ayurvedic medicines

What subscription medicines are given for HIV?


What human medicines can be given to cats?


Can the capsule be opened to take?

Yes, some medicines can be used by opening a capsule. However, many are not to be used that way. Always ask a pharmacist if the capsule can be opened or a different form of medicine can be given.

That is it required to take homeopathy medicines in order like you have been given 3 medicine 1 nux vomica 300 2 graphite 30 3 ratanaia 30 which one to takle first or you can take any you?

Always Use ONE medicine at a time

What medicines are fatal to cats?

Calpol, paracetamol, aspirin and other human medicines should never be given to a cat. A cat is many times smaller than a human, thus there are differences in metabolisms. Even a tiny dose of human medicine can comparatively be a very large dose to a cat, and can be fatal.

What does the medicines act 1968 say about administering medication?

The Medicines Act 1968 protects patients from unscrupulous suppliers of medicines. Safeguarding public safety from the illegal sale or supply of medicines or any inaccurate and misleading labelling is very important. The Medicines Act allows a pharmaceutical mistake to be treated as a criminal offence. Parliament has decided that it should be so to protect the public. This is a law in how medicine has to be administrated, because the correct dosage, label and type of medicine has to be given to the public or they are breaking the law. There are different sections within this at in which gives guidelines and rules in which tell you how to administer medicines. There is a Protection of purchasers of medicinal products which is under section 64, this is making sure that the nobody sells medicine that is not up to the correct standard and quality that is demanded by the purchaser or specified in the prescription. This makes sure that people are being sold what they ask for and need. There is another section, 85, which is labelling and marking of containers and packages. This is making sure that businesses sells and supplies a medical product or is in the possession of correct labeled medicines. If any of there medicines in which: · Falsely describes the product, or · Likely to mislead the purchaser or another as to the nature or quality of the product or as to the uses or effects of medicinal products of that description, then they will be breaking the law. This protects the public because people have to administer the correct labeled medicine and people have to know what they are taking and being given.

What process of biotechnology are given in making medicines?

i thing its hybridisation, because the medicines comes from herbal or other fruits, leave etc.

Why medicine pankreoflat is given?

Pankreoflat is given for bloating (gas).

How many Norwegian men were given the nobel prize in medicine?

No Norwegian men have been given the Nobel Prize in medicine.

Is medicine harmfull to cats?

Certain kinds of medicine are harmful to cats, like human medicines. Veternarians have special kinds of medicine for different kinds of animals. In the warriors series, some of the poultices, berries, and herbs can be fatal to cats if used in the wrong way or just given to them. A type of berry that is posionous to cats is yew, better known as deathberries.

Can you start homoeopathic medicine if you are already taking conventional medicine?

There is no conflict between conventional medicines and homeopathic medicine and indeed both systems of therapy may sometimes be used together to compliment each other. In most cases when starting homeopathic treatment you should remain on your current conventional medicines. This is why it is so important to consult a homeopathic doctor as they will be able to advise you on how to reduce your conventional medicine in a sage way. Yes. Certain drugs such as anti-hypertensives, drugs for cardiac or diabetic disorders need to be continued even with Homeopathic medicines since they are important to life. Others, such as antibiotics if taken for the same complaint that homeopathic treatment is being given, may be discontinued with the advice of the homeopathic physician.

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