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1. The first and second estates were exempt from most taxes (taille, or land tax), while the third estate was not

2. The third estate was forced to pay feudal dues to the nobles and the king

3. There was no redress for the land damage of the third estate homes

4. The higher estates banned hunting that was necessary for survival among the people of the third estate

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What unfair conditions existed in pre- revolutionary France?

the third estate was forced to pay feudal to the nobles and the king.

What were the causes to the French Revoloution?

France had a major National Debt and a very high and unfair tax code that gave the Clergy and the Nobles a tax free existence at the disadvantage of the poor. France was governed by an Absolute Monarchy and no form of representative government existed.

Did prejudice begin in the days of Jesus?

No: prejudice has always existed. It would be unfair to suggest that it developed within Christianity.

What was the estate system unfair in France?

One Estate paid all the taxes.

What led Mexicans to becoming unhappy with the spanish rule?

its was mostly slavery and unfair conditions from government

What does collective bargaining protect employees from?

Unreasonable working conditions, unfair managers, or unstable duties.

How was the tax system of French unfair?

there were three estates in france and the poorest ones were taxed the most

Why did france think the the treaty of versailles was unfair?

It ignored Russia, humiliated Germany, and weakened colonies.

What group were concerned with working conditions and thought that government should intervene in unfair practices?

Coal mining.

How did the king treat the people of France in the Third Estate during the French Revolution?

harsh with unfair taxes.

What were the living conditions of African Americans in the 1950's?

They Were treated poorly, Harsh, Unfair. They faced segragation everyday of there life!!They Were treated poorly, Harsh, Unfair. They faced segragation everyday of there life!!

Why do teachers go on strike?

Because of unfair salaries, classroom conditions, school board regulations, many reasons

Why was King John so unpopular?

because he was lol no because he charged unfair taxes & he lost the land to France

Were the workers in the industrial factories treated fairly?

clearly not..they had unfair work..low pay..high wages..lots of hours each day and the conditions that existed in the factories were unsafe and dangerous. The workers were not treated correctly at all and formed labor unions to revolt. These revolts later led to many acts from the government.

What caused the Wave Hill strike?

The bad and unfair living conditions caused the wave hill cattle station strike.

What conditions helped bring about the French Revolution?

The French economic crisis involving massive debt and an unfair tax code.

What was the underlying reason that caused the French Revolution?

France had a major National debt, an unfair tax code and an unresponsive government.

What cause contributed to the French Revolution?

France was in the middle of an economic crisis which was made worse by a high and unfair tax code.

When did the great fear swept through France?

because the voting system was unfair, and the third estate was only getting taxed.

What were African Americans living conditions back in the 1930s?

life was harsh and very unfair. they faced segregation everyday and were treated poorly

Why did the french revolution occurr?

France was in the midst of an Economic crisis, had an unfair tax code with the lack of any form of representative government.

What was the reasons for French discontent on the eve of the Revolution?

France had a staggering debt and an unfair tax code that gave exemption to the Nobles and the Clergy.

Can you make a sentence using unfair?

you just did =) this is unfair treatment. that game is unfair

How do you use the word unfair in a sentence?

Unfair tactics were used in the game. The judge was unfair in the eyes of the contestant. "That's unfair!" he exclaimed.

In what ways might the treaty of Versailles be called unfair?

Quite simply it was designed to prevent Germany from being able to go to war with France. Manifestly it failed to do this. It was unfair in terms of its effect in impoverishing Gemany economically, which was magnified by the great depression.