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Michael Jordan's last game before his first retirement was Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Phoenix Suns on June 20th, 1993. The Bulls won the game for their 3rd straight NBA championship. His last game before his second retirement was on June 14th, 1998, in Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz. Again the Bulls won, completing their 2nd "threepeat." His last game was on April 16, 2003. The Wizards lost to the 76ers in Philadelphia.

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What was Michael Jordans contract signing from his first time with the bulls to his final retirement with the wizards?

What was Michael Jordan's NBA contract signing from his 1st year with the Bulls to his retirement with the wizards

When was Michael Jordan's first game?

michael jordans first nba game was october 26th 1984

What sport did Michael Jordan play during his first retirement?

Michael Jordan's first retirement was from the sport of professional basketball.

How many Championships does mj have?

Michael Jordan has 6 Championships total. 3 in a row before his first retirement and 3 in a row after.

When was Michael jordans first dunk?

At the university of north Carolina during a game in the third inning.

How long has Nike been making the Air Jordans?

The first year Nike made Air Jordans was in 1984, however, they were produced only for use by Michael Jordan. in 1985 Air Jordans were produced and sold to the public.

Did Michael Jordan's dad die before or after his first retirement?

Michael Jordan's father was murdered on July 23, 1993. On October 6, 1993, Michael Jordan retired for the first time, later citing that the death of his father shaped that decision.

Who invented the first Air Jordans?

nike and Micheal made first pair of jordans

Who invented the first pair of Jordans?

lorenzo adolphus Forrest invented the first pair of jordans .But Nike invented all of the jordans in 1985

How much is Michael jordans 1991 MVP card worth?

Derek jeter's first round draft pick card worth

What year did Michael Jordan come back from his first retirement?

Michael returned to the bulls in 1995. They did not won their next championship until 1996.

What former NBA player's father was murdered?

Michael Jordan's dad, 1993, leading to his first retirement

When did Michael Jackson return from his first retirement?

He never retired, he wasn't touring because he was raising his kids.

When Air Jordans basketball shoes first came out?

The original Air Jordans were released in 1985.

Where was the first pair of Jordans invented?

The first pair of Jordans was the Nike Air Jordan 1 which was released in 1985 in Jordan's rookie year.

What age did Michael Schumacher retire?

Michael Schumacher retired at the age of 43 in 2012. This is his second retirement from Formula One, retiring the first time when he was 37 in 2006.

When did Michael Jordan start Jordan brand?

Jordan Brand was started in 1996. The first Air Jordans that were released in the newly formed franchise were the Air Jordan XIIs.

What was the first team Michael Jordon played for in the NBA?

The first team Michael Jordan played for in the NBA, is the same team he was drafted by; the Chicago Bulls. He ended up playing there until his second retirement in 1998.

What was the first team Michael Jordan played against in the NBA?

Accoring to basketballreference.com the Chicago Bulls defeated the Washington Bullets on 10/26/84 which would be Jordans first Regular season game.

Who is crown is it jordans or leslys?

It is Lesly's Crown. She/him had it first.

When should I start working on retirement planning?

Their are certain financial goals that must be met before retirement. A retirement plan should be started as early as possible so retirement can be reached at a younger age. Retirement planning should start when you start your first real job. If you are dilligent with saving you can retire early and enjoy your life.

Why did Michael Jordan choose the number 45?

Because when he came back from his first retirement from basketball (when he was playing baseball), his original number, 23, had been retired.

Who was the first athlete to make a million dollars a year?

Michael Jordan Joe Namath (long before Michael Jordan)

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