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Well let's see, the Nazis took away all their rights and treated them worse than animals. Then they all got rounded up and shipped off to camps where those that were deemed fit to work in a slave labor force were momentarily spared. Those that weren't fit were murdered. Throughout all this, the killing of a Jew was a perfectly acceptable practice for any reason a German wanted to think of. Pretty much they raped and pillaged any Jewish community they came across. And when they were done with that, they killed scores of them in some of the most efficient means ever created. AND THEN, when it became evident to the most hardened Third Reich leaders that they were going to lose the war, the order came down to kill anyone left in the camps. They referred to it as a "liquidation." And as if it couldn't get worse, they kept detailed records of every single aspect of who they sent where, how they were murdered, who ordered the execution, and whoever peformed it. Conclusion, the Nazis wanted to kill all the Jews.

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Q: What was the Nazi policy of pursuing racial purity against European Jews?
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