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What was the actual sale value of home run ball 500th 600th home run ball?


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June 11, 2008 3:57AM

Here are some values of home run baseballs that have sold over the years. If you are refering to a particular player that hit 500 and 600 home runs use the Discuss Question button below add info. Barry Bonds 700th Home Run ball sold for - $102,000 in 2005

Barry Bonds 70th of season baseball sold for - $14,400 in 2007 NOTE: This ball previously sold for $60,000 and it was recently valued at about half that amount. Steroid suspicions are hampering the value of collectibles from more recent years. Other noted (unsigned) Home run balls (year sold) sold for as follows: Babe Ruth 1933 All Star Game - $805,000 (2006)

Barry Bonds record breaking 756th home run ball sold at auction for $752,000.

Hank Aaron 755th - $650,000 (1999)

Barry Bonds 73rd of season - $450,000. (2001)

Mickey Mantle 500th - $144,000. (1996)

Ken Griffey Jr. 500th (2004) - Frank Thomas 500th (2007) $0 (both given back to player by fan)