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What was the biggest bat used in a MLB game?

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Babe Ruth used a 48 oz., 47 in. bat

2008-05-21 17:47:16
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Q: What was the biggest bat used in a MLB game?
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What is the most used bat in MLB?

Louisville Slugger !!!

What is the longest length a baseball bat can be in an MLB baseball game?

42 in.

What is the value of a Thurman Munson autographed bat?

Game-Used Signed Bat- $6000 1973-75 Game Used Baseball Bat- $9,999.99 Game-Used bat- $1,175

If a bat goes into the crowd at a MLB game who gets to keep the bat?

usually the fan D] along with some free tickets if the bat hits them

Did the MLB player Miguel Cabrera hit a Home Run in his first MLB at bat?

No, he hit a walk off home run in his first major league game but it was not his first at-bat.

Who used the heaviest bat in MLB history?

Honus Wagner, he used a 48 oz bat throughout his career for the Pittsburgh pirates.

Has a bat boy ever batted in a MLB game?

Maybe a "former" bat boy has played in the majors, but, a current team's bat boy is not an active player.

Average number of pitches per one at bat in a MLB game?


What is the heaviest bat that can be used in a MLB game?

i think it is 37 oz. or 2lb and 5 oz. i think it is 37 oz. or 2lb and 5 oz.

What was the biggest vampire bat?

The false vampire bat is the biggest bat in world.

What is the value of an autographed Sammy Sosa game bat?

There are 3 levels 1) Unsigned Game Used Bat $800 - $1000 2) Signed Game Used Bat $1200-$1500 3) Signed Game Used HR Bat $2500-$4000

Who used the biggest bat in the major leagues?

Babe Ruth

What are the biggest bat in the world?

the biggest bat in the world is a flying fox

What is the biggest a bat can get?

It is the beer bat

Who had there first at bat at a World Series?

Mariano Rivera of the Yankees was one. His first ever MLB at bat was in the 8th inning of Game 3 of the 1996 World Series. He grounded out to second base. Rivera had his first regular season at bat in the 2006 season. Roger Clemens was another ... his first ever MLB at bat was in the 3rd inning of Game 2 of the 1986 World Series and his first regular season at bat came in 1996.

How do you get Evan longoria in MLB 2k10?

on quick game pick the rays and he will be 3rd to bat and he will play 3rd base

How many pitches per at bat in an MLB game?

Take the pitch count and divide it by the number of batters faced.

Who uses the longest baseball bat in the MLB?

The player who uses the longest baseball bat in MLB is Bryce Harper. He uses a 36 inch bat that weighs 47 ounces.

What is the average bat size of an Mlb bat?

34 inches 31 ounces

When did they start putting cork in baseballs?

A cork core in a baseball was first used in 1910.i think that having cork in a bat in the mlb is a illeagl by mlb rules

How is a baseball bat used in the game called baseball?

In baseball, the bat is used to hit the balls thrown by the pitcher.

How much is a game used tino martinez autographed bat worth?

Depends on the authentication and what team he was with when the bat was used. Yankees game used with autograph would sell at a premium.

How do you read writing on a MLB bat?

with your eyes

Who was the only Yankee in the 1976 world series to hit a home run?

Shortstop Jim Mason in Game 3. That at bat was Mason's only World Series at bat in his MLB career.

What is the value of a Joe Torre game used baseball bat?

A Joe Torre game used baseball bat is worth about $900.-$1,500.This is an approximate average price for a standard game-used bat. Bats that exhibit special or exceptional qualities can sell for more. Prices will vary based on the type of provenance accompanying the bat or and a letter of authenticity evaluating the user characteristics attributable to the player. The higher the grade given to the bat, the more valuable. Eye appeal, cracked or un-cracked or the degree of use will also effect the price. Collectors of game used bats prefer a bat that shows good game use such ball marks, rack marks, pine tar, and characteristics unique to the player that used the bat. Provenance is the history of ownership of a particular item. It allows the buyer to secure additional insight as to the origin or chain of custody of the item. A letter of Provenance from a team official or a person close to the source would be considered strong provenance. A letter from a fan or from a collector would not be considered acceptable provenance. The term "Game Used" is a piece of equipment that has been used by a professional player of note during a game such as a baseball bat or glove. A piece of equipment used in a professional game such as a "game used" base. For example a bat used by a professional baseball player like Mickey Mantle is "Game Used" A bat that was used in a little league game is a used bat not a "Game used" bat.