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What was winner of the English Premier League in 1919?


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The league suspended due to World War I.

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There was no English Premier League competition in 1919.

The league suspended play from 1915-1919 due to World War I.

MTK Budapest was the Hungarian League winner In 1919.MTK Budapest was the Hungarian League winner in 1919.

The top scorer of the English premier League-EPL in 1919 was Ted Harper

The winners of the Veikkausliiga league cup in 1919 were the HJK.

Aston Villa team was winner of the FA Cup in 1919.

Currently there are seven clubs who have never been relegated from the English Premier League; Arsenal (3x Champions), Aston Villa, Chelsea (3x Champions), Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United (11x Champions) and Tottenham Hotspur.Arsenal has been in the top division in England for the longest time in history, 91 years, since the 1919-20 season.

Arenas Club Guecho was the winner of the Copa del Rey in 1919.

There was no competition of the Italian League in 1919.

There was no the Belgian League competition in 1919.

Livepool were the Football League Champions in 1919.

There was no KNVB Beker cup competition in 1919.

There was no French Ligue 1 competition in year 1919.

The German Bundesliga in 1919 was suspended due to war.

The team that won the Dutch league in 1919 was AFC Ajax.

There was no Italian Serie A competition for the 1918-19 season. F.C. Internazionale Milano was the winner of the 1919-20 Italian Serie A.

Serie A's first season was the 1929/30 season, so it did not exist in the 1918/1919 season. There were other leagues in place prior to then. Due to World War I the main league was not played in the 1918/1919 season, so there was no winner.

AFC Ajax won the Netherlands League championship in 1919.

The horse that won the TC in 1919 was Sir Barton

The team that won the Dutch football league in 1919 was Ajax.

Trick question -- The Stanley Cup was not awarded in 1919 because of a flu epidemic.

Not in its current format and only once in the old format - 1919-20 under legendary manager Fred Everiss and captain Jesse Pennington.

The runners up team of the French football league in 1919 was Marseille.

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