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What were the names of the baseball teams in 1860?

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It might be because they get tired of their old names.

Its two official teams= - Montreal Expos (Baseball) - Montreal Canadiens (Hockey)

Baseball teams do not have cheerleaders. That is something associated with football.

The White Sox, in 1960, became the first team to put names on their jerseys. As baseball popularity grew, other teams began to do the same. At this point all teams except the Yankees, wear jerseys with their names on them.

The Florida Marlins and the Tampa Bay Rays.

Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh Pirates

There are two baseball teams in Chicago, IL. One of them is the Chicago White Sox who are in the American League. The other team is the Chicago Cubs who are in the National League.

There is more football teams than baseball teams, football has 32 and baseball has 30

There are 30 baseball teams.

Baseball team names that start with the letter "A"AngelsAstrosAthletics

what teams are in baseball playoff

there is no baseball teams in indiana.

Currently, 3 teams do not display their players names on the back of their home jerseys. They are the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants. The Yankees also do not display their names on their road jerseys.

TSV 1860 München and Bayern Munich

about 456.3 sport teams use Indian names

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans are football teams in the NFL. Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers are Major League Baseball teams.

There are four pro baseball teams in Missouri

Baseball was played then.

There is 7 teams with animal names.