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What were the powerful ancient Egyptian rulers called?


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They were called pharaohs.

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An Egyptian king was called Pharaoh - pronounced as fare-oh.

there were many egyptian rulers

The rulers of ancient Egypt were called "pharohs".

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were considered to gods and afforded absolute power. As a result, they used that power absolutely.

Ancient Egyptian leaders or rulers were known as Pharao's above correct, but spelling is Pharaoh

The rulers of Ancient Egypt were the pharaohs.

no. Cleopatra was an Egyptian ruler

The rulers of ancient Egypt were called pharaohs.

People living under the Pharaohs basically had no rights as we know them. The rulers were absolute rulers.

No, they were called Pharaohs (note the spelling!).

Probably to heal or cure the pharoahs/Egyptian rulers

Some of the lasting contributions of ancient Egyptian civilization cover areas such as mathematics, engineering and medicine.

It's a Persian name, the name of a long series of powerful ancient rulers who lived more than 2000 years ago in present-day Iran.

he was a young boy as a pharoahBY Jayda Gear

the rulers of ancient Egypt were rulers of ancient Egypt

Egyptian rulers were called Pharaohs. everybody knows that dummies.

The king of ancient Egypt was called

They were the absolute rulers/monarchs of their country and, in additon, were believed to be descendants of Gods.

The rulers of Ancient Egyptian dynasties were known as pharaohs. Today, the head of state of Egypt is the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The pharaoh was a inherited title as long as a son was able to take the fathers place.

The rulers of Ancient Egypt were Pharaohs. The rulers of Modern Egypt are Presidents.

Why were Egypt's pharaohs unusually powerful rulers?

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