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What were the rules for football back in the 1800s?

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Cambridge rules set up in 1848 to try and get some organisation into the game. Rules not very detailed. FA set up in 1863 FA sets up rules which have been followed to this day FA Cup proposed in 1871 Size of ball settled in 1872 Referee's whistle introduced 1876 Football League set up 1888 Goal Nets invented 1891-2

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How does Football today differ from Football in the 1800s?

AnswerThe Rules of Football which were written in England 1863. Much of that applies today.Back in the 1800s people were allowed to push and hack playing football. They also used a different kind of ball then we use today.

Who and when was soccer made?

John Perry was the inventor of football with rules in the early-mid 1800s

Why does football have rules?

Rules make up the game of football.

When and where did the football appear?

Europe 1800s

Flag football rules vs tackle football rules?

In flag football their is a flag if you tackle.

Who decides what the rules are going to be in football?

The commissioner decides on the rules in football.

What are the rules to Greek football?

there are no rules

Who is invented football?

Walter Camp was the man that invented the great sport of football. He made the rules official back in 1879. Football is the most popular sport in the world.

When was Circle rules football created?

Circle rules football was created in 2006.

What is Australian football called?

Football, Footy, Australian Rules Football, Aussie Rules, Aerial Ping Pong.

Why did Walter Camp make football rules?

Walter Camp didn't make football rules. He was merely one member of a committee who got together to try and improve safety and standardize rules and procedures to improve the sport as played in colleges and universities in the late 1800s. He, along with the other members of the committee, proposed various changes, some of which were adopted, some of which were not.

In the 1800s what were football boots made of?


Where did NFL football start?

america in the 1800s

How did soccer get its name?

Soccer is a British term used to describe football players who played Association Rules Football. Similarly, the term "rugger" referred to a player of Rugby Rules Football. The game played today around the world under the auspices of FIFA is based on Association rules, and is sometimes called Association Football. The term fell out of dominate use in Britain in the 1800s, but it continued to be used in the US and Canada, and even in Britain when discussing different types of football or among people who closely follow different types of football.

When were the rules changed from modern football rules to rugby rules?


What Sport has the Fewest and Most rules?

Football has the fewest rules out of sports. Football = Soccer

Did people have plains in the 1800s?

they did not have plains back then in the 1800s

Were the first football rules different from the ones now?

yes they are...the English football assocation wrote the rules for football in 1863

Who invented the rules of Football?

Football Association

Is there more rules in basketball or football?


In what age did Walter Camp invent football?

Walter Camp was approximately 21 years old in 1880, the year he proposed the base rules of what would become football. The first rules of "modern" football established the line of scrimmage and the center to (quarter) back snap.

Where did Australian Rules Football start?

Australian rules football started in melborne, Victoria in 1859.

Who invented foolball soccer?

Football goes back to the middle ages and beyond but there was no agreed set of rules. The modern game was goes back to a meeting in London England when the rules were agreed and the Football Association formed. The laws of the game were written under the leadership of Ebenezer Cobb Morley.

What kinds of sports were there in the 1800s?

I believe that volleyball, badminton (I think!), basketball (I think!), and football were sports in the 1800s.

What are the rules to childrens rugby?

it is the same rules as football:)