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The standard history teacher answer -- which you're no doubt looking for -- is World War 2. Many economists these days agree that World War 2 did not help end the Depression. However, you could say that the end of World War 2 helped end the Depression. Wars do not grow healthy economies. Wars destroy. People do not become wealthier through destruction. The reason for the confusion is that the Keynesian Economics popular in the mid-20th Century taught that governments could "prime the pump" of an economy through government spending. By running deficits, growing public debt, and/or inflating their currency, a government can spend money and spur economic activity. This does create the appearance of a healthier economy, but it does not last. Real economic growth comes from capital development. Wars destroy capital (and priceless human capital). For example, if you burn your house down that creates work for carpenters who need to build you a new home. It helps the carpenters. But, on balance, has wealth been created? No. Wealth has been wasted.
FDR's New Deal helped us recover from the Great Depression. The New Deal had three main goals, which was to recover, reform and relief.

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Q: What world event helped to end the Great Depression?
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Which world event helped encourage authoritarianism in Latin America in the 1930s?

The great depression

What event helped bring the great depression to an end?

World War II, Ironically, helped to end the depression. It demanded the production of many weapons and transportation systems, which created jobs and stimulated the economy.

What event ended in world 2?

the great depression

What event ended the Great Depression?

World War II

What event did World War II end?

the great depression

What major world event marked the end of the Great Depression?

world war

How did world war 2 help causeduring the Great Depression?

World War Two helped to end the Great Depression.World War One and the resulting instability in Europe was a partial cause for the Great Depression.

What economic event influenced World War 2?

the Great Depression.

What event effectively ended the Great Depression?

World War 2

What major world event os credited with the ending of the great depression?

The war

Was the Great Depression caused by of world war 2?

WWI contributed to the causes of the Great Depression taking place, and WWII helped counteract them.

What major world event was taking place at the same time as the great migration north?

The Great Depression (:

Which event occured between the two world wars?

the great depression this is good ok.

What event is closely associated with World War 2 starting in Europe?

the great depression

What event pulled the US out of the great depression?

War economy- World War II

Which event is most closely associated with the end of the Great Depression?

World War II.

How was the Great Depression resolved?

The Great Depression was resolved by the need for workers to build equipment for World War II and it was also helped by the New Deal.

Which event occourred between the two world wars the Great Depression the Cuban missile crisis the communist revolution in Russia or the french revolution?

the Great Depression

How did World War 2 effect the US economy?

It helped rebuild it after the Great Depression

How World War 2 helped lift America out of the great depression?

by exchange of stake

How did world war 2 affect the Great Depression?

World War II affected the great depression greatly. The army needed supplies which made more jobs in factories available and got the companies more money hence world war II helped end the great depression.

How did World War 2 affect the American economy?

it helped pull us out of the great depression.

Did World War 2 get the use out if the great depression?

not completely, it helped but most of it was the new banks...

How did World War 2 helped bring Georgia out of the great depression?

building weapons for war

What historical event occured between TWO world wars?

The Great Depression from 1929 to 1941. John