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What would a 1931 New York Giants baseball autographed by Carl Hubbell and 2 other Hall Of Famers plus signed by 5 other team members be worth?


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A 1931 New York Giants Team Signed Baseball with the key signatures: McGraw, Ott, Terry, Lindstorm, Jackson, Hubbell, Leach, Hogan, and Walker is worth about $1,000.-$1,500. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Prices may also vary based on the amount of signatures, and key signatures acquired. The more complete the baseball with key signatures the more valuable. The baseball you have only has 7 signatures and will be considered a multi signed baseball. If you have most of the key signature listed above your baseball could have a good percentage of the value stated. If the signatures are not properly authenticated the baseball could sell at half the market value or less.