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What year did France win the World Cup?

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France won the world cup in 1938

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France won their world cup in the year 1998.It was their only win of the world cup.

yes France did win a world cup

France hosted and won the FIFA World Cup in 1998. They defeated Brazil in the final, 3-0.

in 1998 France won the world cup

France won the FIFA world Cup in 1998.

Under the Union Code France have not yet won a world cup.

Stadelmann's only individual career victory was in a World Cup event in Chamonix, France in 1999.

They won the FIFA World Cup in 1998, but have never won the Rugby World Cup, though they did lose the final in 1987 and 1999.

France won the world cup in 1998.

New Zealand (the All Blacks) won the World Cup in 1987. The runner-up was France.

France won the World Cup for the first time (and so far only) in 1998.

France were the 7th Nation to win a World Cup. They beat Brasil 3-0 in the '98 final to win their only World Cup to date.

Mexico have yet not to win the fifa world cup

Columbia have yet to win a world cup.

France have won the world cup once in 1998

Italy won the world cup in 2006, France came second.

France won only one world cup in 1998.

Ireland have never on the World Cup! :-(

As there was no world cup in the year 1992 ,there was no winner.

Yes, they hosted and won France 1998.

France won it in 1998 - by beating Brazil.

Italy has had a very weak start and probably will not win the world cup this year.

It was Italys win over France on penalties.

The last time France won the FIFA World Cup was in 1998.

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