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What year did the Detroit Lions win the Division Championship?

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In 1991 the beat the Dallas Cowboys to win the Division Championship.

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Through the 2009 season, the last division championship the Lions won was 1993 when they went 10-6 and won the NFC Central division. Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, the Lions also won division championships in 1991 and 1983.

The Detroit Lions last playoff appearance was 1999, their last conference championship was in 1957 also that was the year of their last championship.

The Lions were champs in 1935, 1952, 1953 and 1957. ------------------------------ But they have yet to get a Super-Bowl win.

1953. The Lions went 10-2 (.833 winning percentage) in 1953 and won the NFL championship, defeating the Cleveland Browns in the championship game.

The Detroit Lions were established in 1929

The Detroit Lions have never played in a Super Bowl. The closest they came to a Super Bowl was 1991. That year they played the Washington Redskins in the NFC Championship game but they lost that game.

The Detroit Lions have never played in a Super Bowl

In the 2008 season the Detroit Lions played the Tennessee Titans.

Detroit Lions last winning season was in 2000, where they went 9-7.

The Detroit Lions officially played their first match in 1929 as a team with no sponsors. It wasn't until the year later in 1930 that the Detroit Lions entered the NFL.

The Lions were originally the Portsmouth, Ohio Spartans, founded in 1929. The Spartans joined the NFL in 1930 and moved to Detroit in 1934, becoming the Lions.

1930-1933, Portsmouth Spartens 1934, Detroit Lions

Eastern Division Washington Redskins (won NFL Championship that year)New York GiantsPittsburgh Pirates (now the Pittsburgh Steelers)Brooklyn Dodgers (folded in 1952 as the Dallas Texans)Philadelphia EaglesWestern DivisionChicago Bears (lost NFL Championship that year)Green Bay PackersDetroit LionsChicago Cardinals (now the Arizona Cardinals)Cleveland Rams (now the St. Louis Rams)

Jim schwarzJim Schwartz is the current head coach of the Detroit Lions. This year (2010-2011) will be his second season as the Lions main man.

The Detroit Lions are playing the New England patriots,, I would know I am a 11 year old little girl but a sports LOVER

According to the Detroit Lions roster for 1995, no one wore the Number 33 jersey that year. The All-Time Detroit Lions roster showed several different players wearing this jersey, but none of them in 1995.

The Detroit Lions actually started as the Portsmouth Ohio Spartans in 1930 and joined the NFL the same year. After the 1933 season, the team was sold and moved to Detroit where it was re-named the Lions.

1930, then known as the Portsmouth Spartans.

As of the start of the 2008 season, the Detroit Lions have never played in a Super Bowl.

Lions have never won a Superbowl but they won the NFL championship before it was called the Superbowl.

The San Francisco 49ers beat the Detroit Lions 49-0 on October 1, 1961.

it depends on when last year was if 2009 17

The Tigers won their first American League championship in 1907 and their first World Series championship in 1935.

For the record, there was no Super Bowl in 1957. The first Super Bowl was played in at the end of the 1966 season. In 1957, there was only the NFL. The champion that year was the Detroit Lions, who defeated the Cleveland Browns in the title game. The Lions have not been in a championship game since.

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