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24 October 1985.

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Where was Wayne Rooney born?

Wayne Rooney was born in Croxteth, Liverpool, England.Wayne Rooney was born in Liverpool, England.

What year was Rooney born and where which month?

Wayne Rooney was born on 24 October 1985 in Liverpool.

When was Wayne Rooney born?

Wayne Rooney was born on October 24, 1985.

How much does Wayne Rooney earn per year?

Wayne Rooney makes €13.8 million each year.

What year did alex Ferguson sign Wayne Rooney?

in which year did Ferdie sign Rooney

Where was wanye Rooney born?

WAYNE ROONEY WAS BORN AT Croxteth, Liverpool, England.

Does Wayne Rooney have children?

Yes Wayne Rooney has a son, Kai, who was born on November 2nd 2009.

How much money did Wayne Rooney get for player of the year?

Rooney has not yet won player of the year.

Will Wayne Rooney be good this year?

no he will be horrible

How many goals did Wayne Rooney score this season?

Wayne Rooney this time last year has scored 43 goals.

Is Wayne Rooney born yet?


How old is Wayne Rooney in 2010?

He will turn 25 in 2010. Wayne Mark Rooney was born October 24, 1985.

What year did Wayne Rooney leave everton?


Where did Wayne Rooney born?

He was born in Croxteth, United Kingdom.

What is Wayne Rooneys birthday?

Wayne Mark Rooney was born on the 24th of October 1985 in Croxteth, Liverpool. His parents are Thomas Wayne & Jeanette Marie Rooney.

How much does Wayne Rooney earn in a year?

1000000 pound a year

Is John Rooney older than Wayne Rooney?

No, Wayne Rooney is older than John Rooney.

What is Wayne Rooney's birthday?

Wayne Rooney was born on October 24, 1985.

Is Wayne Rooney a good striker?

Wayne Rooney is the worlds best striker he gets the best goals of the year the things he does is just incrediable.

In what city in England was Wayne Rooney born?


Where lives Wayne Rooney?

Wayne Rooney lives in Manchester .

Is Wayne Rooney on Skype?

Wayne Rooney isn't on skype

What does Wayne Rooney smoke?

Wayne Rooney smokes a cigarette

Who is going to be euro player of the year 2009?

Wayne Rooney

Who will be the best football player in year 2010?

Wayne Rooney