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What year was the first computer network created?

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The first computer network was build in Ukraine by Sergei Lebedev for the USSR anti missile system. The system was completely implemented in 1960.

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What year was apple computer created in?

The first apple computer created in 1976.

What year what the first computer invented?

Bill Gates great Uncle, Johnathon Gates. Created the very first computer in 1864.

What year was the computer monitor invented?

The year that the first computer monitor was invented was 1930. It was created by Allen B. DuMont, an American inventor.

What year did the first computer create?

The varying definitions of the word computer make it difficult to decide when the first computer was created. Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine, which is said have born most features of a modern computer, was created in 1837.

The first spreadsheet program created for the apple computer in the year 1978?


What year was the Ethernet computer network established?


Which are the project topics for 3rd year diploma in computer engineering?

computer network security

Which year computer invented?

the Z1 was created by Conrad Zuse in 1936, its considered to be the first electro mechanical binary programmable computer

Who is the father of computer virus?

Bob Thomas is a Father of Computer Virus which is created by the year of 1971. The Name of first virus is creeper.

In what year was the Ethernet Computer Network established?

May 22, 1973

What was the first to the newest computer made?

first year of computer in world?

What is the first type of computer at the year 1935?

The Z1 Computer, the first actual programmable computer.

BE final year computer science projects with code?

network based app

How much money does a computer network tech make a year?

How much do they make

When was The Food Network created?

The TV channel The Food Network was first broadcasted on the 23rd of November in the year 1993. It is currently available terrestrial and over satellite and cable by different providers.

What year was the first regular computer invented?

the first computer was invented in 1957

What year was the first computer introduced in the US?

The first Computer was build in US and was called ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) In the Year 1946.

What year was the tiny computer called Raspberry pi created?

The first Raspberry Pi was released in February of 2012.

What year did the Camaro get a computer?

1980 California camaros were the first year to have a computer . all 1981 camaros have a computer .

What year was the apple computer created?


When was the first computer made in England?

The first computer was made in England in the year 1837.

Who and what year was the first computer invented?

The first computer was invented by Charles Babbage in 1837.

The first commercial citywide cellular network launched in what year?

In the year 1995

What was the first Super Bowl broadcast on the FOX Network?

The first year that the Super Bowl aired on the Fox Network was XXXI in 1997.

What year did the first personal computer become available to the public?

the first computer was available in1950 the first computer was available in1950

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