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I'm an LSU fan, and I've never heard of that. It would have to be four very quick plays. And they couldn't be running plays, or the clock would keep running between plays. The only thing that works is four incomplete passes. Even then, the quarterback would have to get rid of the ball almost immediately after the snap, and throw it hard enough (or short enough) that it falls incomplete within a second. He could throw it down at his feet to stop the clock, but I can't imagine why a quarterback would do that four times! Maybe there was something wrong with the clock in that game? Oh, here's a way it might work. LSU has the ball and the lead with 4 seconds left on the game clock. The other team (say it's Auburn) has all three time-outs. First down - LSU snaps the ball and the quarterback immediately kneels to end the play, and Auburn immediately calls a time-out. One second expired, 3 seconds left. Second down - same thing, 2 seconds left. Third down - same thing, 1 second left. Fourth down - same thing, the final second ticks off during the play. Now, the problem is that Auburn knows they can't get the ball back, no matter what, and the game is essentially over. So why would they bother calling a time-out?


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