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Whats the salary for a NBA rookies?


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NBA Minimum Salary as of 2010 is $ 473,604 ... chick out the link ...


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not much compared to other rookies in other sports. that was part of the bargaining agreement.

Sam Cassell 1994 with Houston. There are some more, I think.

The average salary for an NBA Director of Scouting is $130,250 annually. The average salary of an NBA player is $5.15 million.

A teachers salary can't be compared to NBA players salary.

gail hunter and the NBA. in her position as senior vice president of marketing, what is her salary?

Rookies= $800k- $2 million Average Players= around $10 million The Elite players, such as Kobe Bryant, dwyane wade, and lebron James= around $25 million yearly

Scoot Meents is no longer playing in the NBA as of 2014. When he was active in the NBA he earned a salary of 300,000 per season.

whats the salary for food inspector

Whats the average salary of an estition?

The Salary is $41,267 in The United States.

The highest salary in the NBA this year belongs to Kevin Garnett. He gets paid $24,750,000.

The average salary is $5.37 million

You can salaryhood for the salary report of the morphologist.

The Celtics first NBA championship in the 1956-57 season. Rookies on that team were Bill Russell and Lou Tsioropoulos.

The combined salary for all the NBA players this season (2008-09) is $2,147,804,038.

Kobe Bryant is the highest paid NBA player totaling $25244000 in salary.

is the average nba cheerleader's salary?

The average salary is 10 million.

She makes an NBA rookie salary of 44k

The salary for NBA players vary depending on who it is.

There is a summer league for rookies, but no real basketball season.

An NBA average salary for a assistant general manager is $8,500,000 per year.

The average salary for a NBA player in 2000-2001 was 4 million U.S. dollars.

The salary of an NBA trainer is $75,00 to $200,00 annually. This figure varies depending on the team, and the experience of the trainer.

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