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In the NBA, if the ball is kicked, regardless of whether the ball goes out of bounds, the shot clock is reset to 14 seconds if there are less than 14 seconds on it at the time of the kicked ball and stays the same if there are more than 14 seconds on it at the time of the kicked ball.

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Q: When a team has control of the ball and the ball is kicked out of bounds by the opposing team on defense is the shot clock reset?
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When a soccer ball out of bounds?

It is a throw in given to the opposite team of those who kicked it out of bounds. If it goes out on the endline or by the goal it's either a corner kick (kicked out by the defending team) or a goal kicked (kicked out by the attacking team)

When punting can the ball be kicked in bounds then roll out of bounds?

Yes it can Because the ball will be placed right there!

If a punt is kicked out of bounds is it a penalty?

No. The kicking team is penalized if a kickoff goes out of bounds, but on a punt, the ball is put in play for the receiving team at the point where it goes out of bounds.

Can a ball be kicked out of bounds on a punt?

Yes, and that is where the ball would be placed.

How does a soccer ball game start when the ball is kicked out of bounds?

They throw it in.

Where is the ball placed on the ball is kicked out of bounds on kickoff?

on the fourth corner.

Can you kick out of bounds in soccer?

You cannot kick a soccer ball out of bounds and still play it. If the ball is kicked out of bounds you either do a throw in, corner kick, or goal kick, depending where you are on the field.

Is it considered a penalty in the stats when a kickoff is kicked out of bounds?

yes it is considered a penalty.

Where is the ball placed after a kickoff has been kicked out of bounds in NCAA college football?

It is placed at the receiving teams 40 yard line.

What is the result of a ball being kicked out of bounds over the end line?

The receiving team takes posession on the 20 in result of a touchback

What happens when the ball gets kicked out of play in basketball?

That is called a kick ball. For example, if Team Blue had the ball and they passed it but Team Red kicked it out of play, then Team Blue would pass the ball to his/her teammate from out of bounds.

What does throw mean in soccer?

A 'throw' in soccer is when the ball goes out of bounds and a player on the team opposite than the one who kicked it out must 'throw' it back in bounds. The player has to leave one foot on the ground all the way through the throw and bring both hands over the head.

When the football is kicked off in college football what causes a penalty?

On a kick off, if the ball goes out of bounds it's an illegal procedure, and it's a penalty. Note: Does not apply to punts.

What happens when the defense blocks an extra point try and recovers the ball?

If the extra point hits the ground, it is no good. If the deffending team catches it, they could get two points. In order to get the points, they have to run it back to their opponent's end zone without being tackled or going out of bounds. If they do not run it back all the way, they do not get the two points, but the ball is kicked off to them.

How did the middle colonies change from dutch control to English control?

They seized control because they kicked English butt. I honestly have no clue but at least this question is answered.

What happen when the ball goes out over the sideline?

Depending on which team kicked it out of bounds, the other team sends one of their players to throw the ball back in to play towards one of their own teammates.

When does the clock start in the beginning of an NFL game?

Contrary to popular belief, the clock does not start when the ball is kicked-off. Rather, it starts when any player on the field touches it (after it was kicked). If the ball is kicked out of bounds (either across the sidelines or beyond the end zone), no time comes off the clock, because the clock does not start. In such a case, the clock would start when the first play is snapped fromscrimmage.

If someone is training in Mixed Martial Arts and gets in a street fight what are the consequences?

If they start the fight they can be kicked out, if it is self defense then they won't be punished

Can you get kicked out of the military for having too much money?

not so much that you can get kicked out, but that you can apply to get out because of it. Once you make over a certain amount it removes much of the militaries control over you.

If a defense player hits the ball with is hand first then is foot that a kick on the defense player?

Yes. Any time the ball is kicked, whether by accident or on purpose, it is a kick. Depending on how strict the referees are depends on if they will actually call it or not.

Where is the ball placed after a kickoff that goes out of bounds in the NFL?

30 yards from where the ball was kicked off. If the kickoff was at the kicking team's 30 yard line, the ball will be placed at the offensive team's 40 yard line.

Can you join another military branch if you get kicked out the Navy?

No - retention policy is Department of Defense Policy, not just Navy, and applies to all branches of the military.

Where is the ball placed when an unsuccesful field goal is attempted from the 45 yard line in Canadian Football?

In Canadian Football, a missed field goal is just another kick. If the ball is fielded in the field of play, the next play starts from wherever the receiver ran it to. If the ball is kicked out of bounds but not past the goal line, the receiving team starts from wherever the ball went out of bounds. If the ball goes into the end zone and goes out of bounds, or is fielded and the receiving player cannot or will not return it out of the end zone, a rouge is scored (one point) by the kicking team, and the receiving team scrimmages from their 35 yard line. In Canadian Football, it makes no difference where the ball is kicked from.

In soccer what is the importance of a throw in?

The purpose a throw in is to get the ball back in play. FIFA decided to "punish" the team who was unable to keep the ball out of bounds, so they awarded corner kicks and goal kicks for when the ball was kicked past the goal lines, and the awarded a throw in to the team who didn't kick the ball out of bounds since they didn't lose it in the first place.

In the NFL if the ball goes out of bounds while receiving a kick off and touches the ball on the 5 yard line in bounds does the ball come out to the 40?

As long as the ball was kicked from the kicking team's own 30, then yes. The rule is NOT that a kickoff out of bounds is placed at the 40-yard line. The rule is that the ball is placed 30 yards from the spot of the kick. So if the kicking team had been given a 10-yard penalty on the PAT play, and ended up kicking from the 20 instead of the 30, and the ball goes out of bounds, the ball would then be placed at the 50 -- 30 yards away.