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When can girls basketball become popular?

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They become popular when people start talking about them.

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basketball has become so popular because of the nba!! the nba has attracted many viewer4s all over the world !!

basketball and volleyball. Thats my opinion

basketball is very popular for boy and girls. I don't like it very much though.

Spalding can be a girls basketball or a guys basketball

he was an awesome basketball player

Basketball is played by both genders. It's very popular among both boys and girls!

It became popular when everyone saw that Chuck Taylor was playing basketball with them on!!!

no, the most popular things in the world are1. girls2. badminton3. basketball

Basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball ,track and field, cheerleading, gymnastics and dance team are some popular team sports for teenage girls

Basketball was founded in 1891, but the NBA was only founded in 1946. During the mid-1950's it was a very popular college and university sport.

The difference between them is a girls basketball is not as heavy as a boys basketball!

According to the The St. Lawrence County Branch of the American Association of University Women, the most popular sport among girls is basketball. Another question and answer website claims gymnastics or soccer are the most popular sport among girls.

It doesn't matter if basketball was made for girls or not. Many girls play it, and nowdays, its as much for girls as it is for boys

it was made for little girls, and they liked it

The hoop used in girls basketball is a standard 10 foot rim, the same as for boys basketball.

Joanne Lannin has written: 'A history of basketball for girls and women' -- subject(s): Basketball for girls, Basketball for women, Juvenile literature, History 'A History of Basketball for Girls and Women'

how are the rules in girls basketball different fro the ones we have now

Basketball jerseys are normally sleeveless, because players get hot while playing. It has also become a popular style among players.

Basketball came in the Philippines in the American colonial period from 1898 to 1946. This has become one of the most popular sports played in the Philippines.

Basketball get more popular every year.

Norway has lots of snow in the winter, so skiing is a popular sport there. Handball, football, and basketball are also very popular. The girls mostly play handball, while the boys mostly stick to football and basketball.

There are many popular basketball games that are offered on a number of websites. Games such as Basketballs, Basketballs Level Pack, Stick Basketball, and Basketball Rally are popular online basketball games.

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