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On September 10, 1960, Mickey Mantle hit a ball that cleared the right-field roof at Tiger Stadium in Detroit that was estimated years after to have traveled 643 feet.

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Mickey Mantle hit a WHOPPING 634 footer

The player who hit the verifiable longest home run is Mickey Mantle. i believe it was around 634 feet. Mickey Mantle hit the home run on September 10,1960.

On September 23, 1961, Mickey Mantle hit his 54th and final home run of the season in the first inning. It was a three run homer off of Don Schwall.

Mickey Mantle was a switch hitter.

Mickey Mantle was said to hit a homer 535 feet in Old Yankee Stadium.

Mickey Mantle hit 23 Homeruns in 1966.

In 1956, Mickey Mantle hit 52 home runs.

could you please tell me when mickey mantle hit the cycle in a game that is exact date and where

According to the Book of Guinness World Records the longest recorded home run in Major league history was hit by Mickey Mantle. It was estimated at 634 ft.

1961 Mickey Mantle hit 54 home runs. For more Mickey mantle Stats see Related links below.

Mickey Mantle hit 36 home runs in Cleveland Stadium.

During his career, Mickey Mantle hit 344 doubles and 72 triples.

Mickey Mantle hit 266 home runs at Yankee Stadium I.

Mickey Mantle hit 37 home runs in 1955 for the New York Yankees.

Mickey Mantle was a switch hitter. He was able to hit both right and left handed.

Mickey Mantle hit 536 career home runs.

Mickey Mantle hit 373 hme runs from the left side of the plate, and 163 from the right.

Mickey Mantle hit his 500th home run off of Stu Miller of the Baltimore Orioles on May 14, 1967.

Mickey MantleMickey Mantle played in 12 World Series, and hit 18 World Series home runs.

1973 Mickey Mantle Reserve Life How to Hit premiumThe 1973 Mickey Mantle Reserve Life Insurance Co "How to Hit" advertising premium fold out, with the record, sells for about $45.-$75. in excellent - Near mint condition. The cardboard folder includes pictures, advise, and stats from Mickey Mantle's career. Multi pied by 50.Other Mickey Mantle Reserve Life Insurance Co. promotional items include Postcard sized baseball cards, and baseballs made by Rawlings for the purpose of having Mickey Mantle Sign them at the end of business meetings.

micky mantle hit a 620 foot homer in Detroit once

On September 20, 1968, Mickey Mantle hit his last career home run off of Boston Red Sox pitcher Jim Lonborg.

Mickey hit nine career grand slam homers and one World Series grand slam

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