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When did NFL start?

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When does the NFL season start 2011

nfl was made in the state of Ct

The NFL was founded in 1920.

1946 in the AAFc and 1950 in the NFl

The first NFL draft was held in 1936.

When did the NFL and the AFL start using the same size footballs

The NFL playoffs start Sunday, January 1st in 2012. Every year the playoffs for the NFL start at the same time. Then the playoffs continue even up to and past January 8th 2012.

· Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL) · Jets - New York Jets (NFL)

Vick started playing in the nfl in 2005

probably contacting the NFL would be the best start.

The AFL and NFL merged before the start of the 1970 season.

Brett Favre's first season in the NFL was 1991.

The Cowboys joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1960.

The NFL made the sack statistic official in 1982.

The 2011 NFL Combine will be held February 23-March 1.

The 49ers joined the NFL in the AAFC-NFL merger in 1950. Their existence dates back to 1946.

The Falcons (Atlanta, NFL) The Forty-Niners (San Fransico, NFL)

1920 is the year The NFl started Playing on Thanksgiving

Terry Bradshaw's rookie season in the NFL was 1970.

September 17,1920 in Canton, Ohio

When the AFL and NFC joined together.

Probably a bad NFL team like the Lions. Then you will get to be a star and start.

As of the start of the 2011 season, there is no player in the NFL with the initials TE.

nfl needs to be capatilized...Russell Wilson, Peter Konz for a head start

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