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When did Ty Cobb start playing baseball?

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Ty Cobb's first year in the major leagues was 1905. He played with the Tigers through 1926, and then played two seasons with the Philadelphia Athletics. During his last six years with the Tigers he was a player-manager.

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In baseball what position did Ty Cobb play?

Ty Cobb was a centerfielder.

When was ty cobb inducted into the baseball hall of Fame?

Ty Cobb was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936.

How many stolen bases did Ty Cobb get in 1901?

Ty Cobb was 15 years old in 1901 and was not playing professional baseball. He made his professional debut in 1905 with the Detroit Tigers.

Who was the first baseball MVP?

Ty Cobb

When and where did baseball player Ty Cobb play?

Ty Cobb debuted on August 30, 1905, playing for the Detroit Tigers at Bennett Park; he played his final game on September 11, 1928, playing for the Philadelphia Athletics at Shibe Park.

What American Major League Baseball teams did Ty Cobb play for?

Ty Cobb spent most of his time playing for the Detroit Tigers. He started playing for them in 1905 and switched teams to the Philadelphia Athletics in 1927, where he played for 2 years.

When and where was baseball player Ty Cobb born?

Ty Cobb was born December 18, 1886, in Narrows, GA, USA.

When and where did baseball player Ty Cobb die?

Ty Cobb died July 17, 1961, in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Who is the famed baseball player whose last name is cobb?

Ty Cobb.

What was baseball Ty Cobb's real name?

Tyrus Raymond "Ty" Cobb

Who was the major league baseball player to have a brand of cigarettes named for him?

ty cobb for ty cobb cigarettes? i saw it on i just typed in ty cobb cigarettes into yahoo search. i seem to remember it from the movie about cobb in his later years.

Who was a baseball hero of the 1920s and 1930s?

Ty Cobb.

Did Ty Cobb play college baseball?

No, he didn't

Is Alex Cobb related to Ty Cobb?

No. Alex and Ty Cobb are not related.

What position did ty Cobb Play?

Ty Cobb played baseball as a center fielder and right fielder, but he was most well-known as a batter.

Did Ty Cobb play baseball in 1920?

Yes, Ty Cobb played major league baseball between 1905-1928. In 1920, he hit .334 for the Detroit Tigers.

How tall is Ty Cobb?

Ty Cobb is 6' 1".

Is Ty Cobb tall?

Ty Cobb is 6' 1".

What number did ty cobb wear?

When Ty Cobb played baseball they did not issue numbers on the uniforms. So he never had a number during his entire career.

When did baseball player Ty Cobb play?

Ty Cobb debuted on August 30, 1905 and played his final game on September 11, 1928.

Which baseball player is know as the Georgia peach?

ty cobb

Who had the first million dollar contract in baseball?

Ty Cobb

Who was the first baseball player to have his jersey retired?

Ty Cobb

What is a Ty Cobb baseball card worth from 1909?


Who has lost the most baseball games ever?

Ty Cobb