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The NFL penalty flags were never red. They were white. They changed the flags from white to yellow in 1965.


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China's flag is red with five yellow stars.

red and yellow.The colors of Spain's flag is red and yellow. The colors alternate in stripes beginning with the red, then yellow, then red again. The yellow stripe is wider than the red stripes.

The red and yellow flag

It is the flag of Ethiopia.

Two countries have this colour of flag. Belgium - Horizontal black, yellow and red. Germany - Vertical black, red and yellow.

red and like on their flag red and yellow like on their flag

the German flag is red yellow and black..

The flag of Bolivia is a horizontal tricolor of green, yellow and red.

The Chinese chose China's flag because of the colour red and yellow on the flag. The colour red and yellow are the Chinese new year colour.

There is no yellow and blue. It is red and white. The yellow and blue flag is from Sweden

red and yellow with horizantal stripes. red yellow red

Short answer: blood Longer answer: The flags of communist states all have red backgrounds, copied from the Soviet flag. This background honors the red flag of the Paris Communards of 1871. This in turn is based on the red flag used by the Jacobins during the French Revolution in the 1790s. Vietnam's pre-communist flag had a yellow background and either a red stripe or three red stripes. So red and yellow are traditional Vietnamese national colors.

The Romanian flag is blue, yellow,red. The Belgium flag is blak, yellow,red.

The colors of the Spanish Flag are red and yellow. Yellow is a symbol of generosity. Red is a symbol hardiness, bravery, strength, and valour.

The Chinese main flag is a red background, with yellow stars. Their other flag is a red background, with a blue canton contiaining a white sun. Their ensign (ship's flag) is the same, with four jagged yellow lines across the background.

The Romanian flag is red, yellow and blue.

It is a copper star in the middle of the flag.13 stripes that are red and yellow(starts with red and then with yellow,red,yellow)They represent the 13 colonies of the U.S.And Navy blue at the bottom.

The Chinese flag is yellow and red because red symbolizes the blood of working class while the yellow five-pointed star symbolizes the working class movement.

Yellow and red. The colours of the national flag of China are red and yellow.

It is red and yellow. Red is the background color and yellow is the star's color.

Several countries have a blue, yellow, red, and white flag:KiribatiCape VerdeMalaysiaPhilippinesSerbiaSloveniaTuvaluIn addition, the Buddhist flag is blue, yellow, red, and white.

Spain's Flag Is: Yellow, Red And Orange

The color of the Barbados flag is Green, Yellow and red

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