When does WNBA 2012 season start?


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It started on May 18th

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It will start on May 24th

The WNBA season begins on June 6th. To kick off the season ABC will have a game between Detroit and Los Angeles!

In 2012, the Indiana Fever were the WNBA champions.

There are 34 games in a WNBA season, not including playoffs. The most there could possible be in a season, including playoffs, would be 43.

The only thing I can find is, 2012 Season of Deadliest Catch is to start in April of 2012. There is No date given.

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It will start on October, 2012 .

The WNBA was founded in 1996 and league play began in 1997.

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The 2011-2012 college football season starts Sept 3.

For the 2007 season, the WNBA rookie salary was $30,000 and the maximum salary was $100,000.

Season 12 starts July of 2012.

The newest season will began in October

Season 2 of Teen Wolf will start this summer of 2012 <3

September 6, 2012 (Thursday)

The new 30th season will start on September 17 2012. The season has about 200 shows and will continue new weekday episodes until Mid June 2013

Season 25 of Survivor will premiere in September of 2012.

Season 5 aired on February 28, 2012. It had 13 episodes. The season ended May 22, 2012.

The 2012 season of Deadliest Catch will start in April 2012!

September 05 2012 - Feb 05 2013

The 24th season of Survivor premiered on February 15th, 2012 and ended on May 13th, 2012.

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