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When two dice are rolled find the probability of getting a 4 or a 6?


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1 in 3, for example:

6 face, chances of landing number 3 is: 1 in 6,

chances of landing 4 or a 6 is 1 in 3 because 2 faces out of 6 = 2 in 6, as these can be both divided by the same number (basic fractions) moved down to 1 in 3.

Although if you mean what are the chances of a 4 rolling or a 6 rolling individually then its back to 1 in 6 chance.

You could get really indepth into it and start talking about the weight and the size of the dice, the fact that one side if lighter/heavier than the other because it has more/less holes for the numbers, but in most cases without proper investigation surpasing most normal peoples abilities you just go by what I said above.

Prob of getting a 4 is

2/ 12

and a prob of getting a 6 is


but if you mean getting 4 as in both dices adding up 2 and 2, then it is another story.