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The first women soccer world cup was held in 1991.

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The last womens world cup was held in China in 2007.

There was no World Cup in 2011 for men. There was for women. It was won by Japan.

There is a FIFA women's world cup and several world women leagues. So a lot.

Yes, the Vietnam soccer team has qualified for World Cup soccer but has not made the World Cup.

The last womens world cup was held in China in 2007. Brazil won it.

The first soccer world cup was in 1930, in Uruguay.

There wasn't a Soccer World Cup in the year 1960.

There is no men soccer world cup in 2011, it is the womens world cup in Germany in 2011.

The soccer world cup stars on 11/6/2010.

Tecmo World Cup Soccer happened in 1990.

Yes women can play soccer , they have their own world cup every four years.

No there is not a Women's World Cup.

There was no soccer world cup in 2008 , it was held in 2006 in Germany.

I know there's a world cup for soccer, idk bout rugby.

They have won it twice, in 1991 and 1999

Women is the USA first played at the womens world cup in 1996

They didnt win they lost against Japan

israel never won the soccer world cup. and israel was a Participant in the soccer world cup just one time in 1970.

Womens World Cup soccer. The US women took off their jersey's, don't worry they had something on underneath

The fifa cup is the world cup for soccer

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup was created in 1995.

Tecmo World Cup Soccer was created on 1990-12-07.

The soccer world cup is a football tournament in which 32 countries qualify to find the best country in the world.

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