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When was the first NY Giants vs Frankford Yellow Jackets game?

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October 14, 2009 2:32AM

The first game between Tim Mara's new NFL franchise New York Giants (legally known as New York Football Giants to distinguish them from the baseball team) and Frankford Yellow Jackets took place on October 17, 1925, at Philadelphia. The Yellow Jackets beat the Giants 5-3.

The second game took place the following day, October 18, 1925, at the Polo Grounds in New York, then shared with the Giants baseball team. The Yellow Jackets again beat the Giants, this time 14-0.


New York Giants

Doc Alexander (Guard, Tackle, Center, End) Al Bedner (Guard, Tackle)

Heinie Benkert (Back)

Lynn Bomar (End)

Matt Brennan (Back)

Arthur Carney (Guard, End)

Jim Frugone (Tailback)

Hinkey Haines (Back)

Dutch Hendrian (Back)

Cowboy Hill (Tailback, Blocking Back, Wingback)

Paul Jappe (Guard, Tackle, End)

Bill Kenyon (Tailback)

Jack McBride (Fullback, Halfback, Tailback)

Edward McGinley (Tackle)

Century Milstead (Tackle)

Tom Moran (Blocking Back)

Tommy Myers (Back)

Bob Nash (Tackle, End)

Swede Nordstrom (Guard, Tackle)

Mike Palm (Blocking Back, Wingback)

Babe Parnell (Guard, Tackle)

Earl Potteiger (Back)

Owen Reynolds (Fullback, End)

Bill Rooney (Center, Back)

Jim Thorpe (Fullback, End, Tailback)

Tommy Tomlin (Guard, Tackle)

Larry Walbridge (Center)

Phil White (Back)

Joe Williams (Guard, Fullback, End)

Frankford Yellow Jackets

Bull Behman (Guard, Tackle)

Doc Bruder (Back)

Stanley Burnham (Tailback, Blocking Back)

Charlie Carton (Guard, Tackle, Center, End)

Alex Clement (Wingback)

Clark Craig (End)

Rae Crowther (End)

Saville Crowther (Guard, Tackle)

Jug Earp (Guard, Tackle, Center)

Bob Fitzke (Wingback)

Tex Hamer (Back)

Art Harms (Tackle)

Les Haws (Back)

Bill Hoffman (Guard)

Two-Bits Homan

Ben Jones (Fullback, Tailback, Blocking Back, Wingback)

Jake Kaufman (Tackle)

Walt LeJeune (Guard, Tackle, Center, Back)

Bull Lowe (Tackle, End)

Link Lyman (Tackle)

Elmer McCormick (Tackle, Center, Back)

Milt O'Connell (End)

Walt Sechrist (Guard, Tackle)

Red Seidelson (Guard, Tackle)

Lou Smyth (Back)

Butch Spagna (Guard, Tackle)

Bill Springsteen (Center, End)

Hust Stockton (Fullback, Halfback, Tailback)

George Sullivan (Back)

Jim Welsh (Guard, Tackle)

Frank Wilsbach (Guard)

Guy Chamberlin (Head Coach, End, Wingback)

* Team Rosters courtesy of Fan Base/NFL (see Related Links, below)