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Q: When was the last time Sheffield United played West Ham in the FA Cup?
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Who was the last Sheffield born player to score in a Sheffield derby?

I think it was Dane Whitehouse when United beat Wednesday in 1991 at Hillsbrough

When did West Ham United last win the FA Cup?

As of the end of the 2014 FA Cup, West Ham United last won it in 1980.

What was the last Premier League club that Egyptian stricker Mido played for?

West Ham United, where he was on loan in 2010 from Middlesbrough.

How much money has west ham united spent last season?

Last season West Ham spent £29,250,000

Why was there a lot of fus about tevez when he was at west ham?

West Ham signed him and Javier Mascherano on loan, but they were owned by third parties, which broke the league rules which stated that players are not allowed to be owned by third parties. Therefore when Carlos Tevez scored the winning goal against Manchester United on the last day of the season, which kept West Ham in the Premier League there was outrage because it sent Sheffield United down.

Is Sheffield United a good football team?

They are a fantastic team as they have played for 122 years of football there gonna get promoted and win the league 1 they was bad last season but this season they are covering the gaps and I think they would by 2nd or 1st

Where did Manchester united played last?

On grass!

When was the last time Manchester United and West Ham drew 0-0?

The last no-score draw between Manchester United and West Ham United was the Premier League fixture at Upton Park on 22-Aug-1998.

When did man united last play?

Manchester United last played Bayern munich which they lost 1-2.

Who played Batman last name west?

Adam West starting in the year 1966.

What is jades last name on victorious?

Jade west played by Elizabeth gillies

In the last 10 meetings between Manchester united and west ham how many times did west ham win?

West ham won them all as they are amazing. the last score was 5-1 to west ham

Which team finshed last this season in the premier league?

west ham united

What knife was used on last of the dog men?

A Sheffield Butter Knife

What was the score of the last game Manchester city played Manchester united?

3-2 to manchester united

When was the last time West Ham played Bournemouth in the league?

West Ham last played Bournemouth on Wednesday 11th April, 1990. The match took place in the Old Division 2. The match ended West Ham 4 - 1 Bournemouth.

Who was the last German player to play for Manchester united?

None of the German players have ever played for Manchester United.

Who scored the last premier league goal of the last millennium?

Jody Morris Chelsea v sheffield Wednesday

Which players played for Liverpool and Manchester united?

paul ince was the last one.

Which teams were relegated last season from the English premiership?

The clubs that were relegated are Blackpool, West Ham United.

When did sheffield Wednesday last win the fa cup?

Sheffield Wednesday have won the FA Cup on three occasions, the most recent being in the 1934-35 season.

Who is the best Manchester united or Liverpool?

Liverpool and Manchester united are very close but Manchester united have played better over the last few seasons

What was the score last time Manchester united played Birmingham city?

The last time Manchester United and Birmingham played on 16th august 2009 Manchester won ith a Wayne Rooney goal 1-0 score.

When was the last time Manchester united did not qualify for champions league?

The last time Manchester United didnt qualify was in the 1995-96 season. They played in the UEFA Cup that year.

How many years has Coventry city had in the top division compared to Sheffield united?

Coventry City spent 34 seasons in the top division before they were relegated in 2001. Before that they had played mostly in Division 2 and, at the very start of their history, in the Birmingham League. Sheffield Utd have spent a total of 60 seasons in the top division of English football, although only one of those has been in the last 10 years - when they spent the 2006/07 season in the Premiership.